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  1. 13 FYY

    3 word story

    with some ramens
  2. My god, Notre Dame de Paris is burning. 

    1. Hulk




    2. ed_


      It was deliberate arson:


  3. back from the ER, played soccer with my nephew as keeper, landed on my shoulder and will need surgery again. ffs

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Eazy


      Omg dude!!!!! That sucks hard

    3. AnG3L


      Oh no 🚑

      Next time play ⛳

    4. 13 FYY

      13 FYY

      I guess i can forget to play american football this season !

  4. any tips for a hangover?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Eazy


      Sooo... hows it going this morning FYY ?  🤣

    3. Flible


      Yday I told a French gal I was playing a Cards Against Humanity match with "If you don't drink too much, you don't drink enough" ^^

    4. 13 FYY

      13 FYY

      Hangover is even worse then yersterday

  5. Won't be on servers from tomorrow til monday, have surgery tomorrow! Have a nice week-end ma duuuudes!

    1. Sonofdoc


      Good luck! Hope everything goes well.

    2. captnconcrete


      good luck!

  6. RIP Keith Flint/ Singer of The Prodigy.

    1. Sonofdoc


      Used to listen to their songs all the time when I was little haha. Coach played his songs today in weight room.

  7. Well that sucks. Just done a MRI and I have a torn ligament so I will need surgery

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. daredevil


      Sorry to hear that man! I feel ya - got broken LR4 and LR5 - both are messed up :( I pray for u recovery - god speed! 

    3. captnconcrete


      i had surgery on my shoulder i had slap tear in front .slipped on ice with a concrete saw in my hands ..landed on shoulder. its no fun dude  my surgery hurt pretty hard core for 2 weeks.good luck and im not too sure ur age but if u can hold off do therapy.. id do that first. 

    4. 13 FYY

      13 FYY

      @audrey Got into a bar fight last friday :P @dare Jeeez hope you recover soon too man.  My bro is a physiotherapist and I asked him what to do for your case , but there isn't much to do actually except some exercices. The pain will go away but not quickly 😕  @captn As I said, my bro is a physiotherapist and he told me that if it was just a tear, it would have been possible, but since it's ruptured, I need surgery. :(

  8. Dislocated my shoulder in a fight last night:P Won't be able to play for a few days

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. captnconcrete


      lol that hurts bud .. did u win?


    3. 13 FYY

      13 FYY

      Don't remember but my face is clean and my hand hurts so i threw some punches but maybe hit the wall too.. 


    4. Eazy


      We all know "fight" should be replaced by FAP ;) hope you get better soon FYY 

  9. Destroyed my gf at bowling tonight ; 248 - 268 - 269

    1. D..X


      and on valentines day dam

  10. That's why we don't see you on ET anymore! Congratz mamen!
  11. Just played and there's a huge difference now. Was in middle of arty and didn't died. Threw a nade at 2 afk enemies who didn't died. Imo we should let it as it was, it's more fun and unskilled players can kill skilled players. Maybe reduce it on Jay2 cause it has adre and with adre it's hard to kill with heavy weapons.
  12. Mortars are usually firing from their own spawn, so if you want sk protection, how do you want to kill them? Sk protection is just silly.. Like Hotspur said, you have different ways to go or just be quicker exiting the spawn.
  13. You gonna loose this one Brady!

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