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  1. No, just talk to him and he said that it still doesnt work
  2. Aaaah the hurricane! You should rename yourself to Hurricane Butters!
  3. Going to Berlin tomorrow !  Super Bayern Super Bayern, HEY HEY!

  4. It would maybe sound stupid but what about an intro sound when you enter the server? I know that my old clan .Be| has done that when admins connected, and every level of admin had their intro song (maybe 4-5 sec) and with the intro song we knew what admin was entering the game. So what i am proposing is : If you want, and not only admins, regulars too, an intro song you pay like maybe 5$ and you choose your own intro song. That way, when you enter the game, everyone knows its you Don't be hard on me if you think its stupid
  5. Is it possible to bring back railgun ?
  6. Niiiiiiiice! Congratz dudes :D!
  7. Going to Munich for the week-end. Gonna see Bayern-Frankfurt. MIA SAN MIA.

    1. Vindstot


      Have fun ^_^

    2. Aft3rmath


      MIA SAN MIA!  Before I die, I'll make it to Munich for match.  That result against Real Madrid hurt.

    3. 13 FYY

      13 FYY

      Yup :( but we will kick their ass on tuesday!

  8. Sorry, a bit inactive these last few days, it's cause in Belgium we never have nice weather and now we have 28 degrees! Beer and BBQ, God, that's the stuff.

    1. Eazy


      enjoy the weather dude!! been more then a week now we got freezing rain or snow here =/ hopfully summer should start tomorrow lol expecting 10 celcius 

    2. DFighter


      we'll see you soon make sure you dont burn your feet just like i did lol

  9. 13 FYY

    13 FYY

  10. Time to come back dude, Jay 2 misses you!

  11. This sucks dude, stay strong you will get through this!
  12. Why does Sara fall off the swing? Cause she doesn't have any arms. Knock knock.. Who's there? Not Sara.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raptor


      Why cant Karel drive a car? Karel is a rock


    3. captnconcrete


      not sarah hahahahaha!

    4. yoyo


      lol, this joke coming up on server soon.

  13. So you have to study kiné or Something like that? I live in belgium and many french people are coming to belgium for their studies. Anyway, welcome!

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