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  1. hello there, dont know you but i have seen stritan name before, where abouts in TX are you?
  2. damn nice 3 screen setup for lil ol ET whats the total screen inch and what fov?
  3. if u didn't talk to her about the birds and the bees yet, u better lol she looks great and im sure all the males at the prom think so as well!
  4. on my trip to malaysia i hit a chicken while driving around langkawi (not making it up, true story!) i thought the bird was ok with the only damage to the rental car being a broken license plate but my wife wasn't so sure...
  5. razi

    Vacation idea ;)

    very pretty place indeed, will think about it next time I make a trip across the pond!
  6. i'm also a really longtime firefox user but using v53 32bit on win7 64bit. i have no idea about performance of FF 64bit. should i install it? lately it has page stutter and lag with more than a few tabs open. firefox is still my main browser but i'm starting to fire up chrome more
  7. so sorry to hear of this vehx. i think about the same as my parents are getting older and I am far away from them distance wise now. i try not to think bad thoughts but i know that it is inevitable. i don't know if you are religious but if you are you can pray for them or try to do some good deeds in their name such as donating money to charity.
  8. possibly....but it also might be possible that they are 2 guys holding hands i also file a admin abuse for not as cool sig
  9. i'm also getting a problem with the notifications for 2 days, have tried https+force refresh. on firefox and chrome. win7 64bit
  10. looking at those snow pics gives me PTSD lol, love raskin and easy pics!
  11. !ban geert wilders 365d you are to blame for this

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