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  1. I think it should hold the #1 spot simply because this is the only form of death that has haunted me in my nightmares.
  2. Adversary? The clans that I have played in were ... .dA. - the only member of my first ET clan that I remember is sodap0p pov. - this as a group of guys from my high school + a couple of randos from online. /exec - played with blunt, leatherface, don't remember the rest (8) - played with zazeem, pharohe, metal
  3. Italy is good if the teams are balanced, but if either team has a definitive advantage it can really ruin that map.
  4. Razer Imperator Mouse on a Razer Goliathus Precision pad. Razer Arctosa keyboard. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not, but I got it on Amazon and the keyboard on the site and on the box were black with white letters, but the keyboard itself is black with black letters. I can't really see the labels on my keys unless there is a glare across my keyboard. If I weren't able to touch-type I would have returned it but it doesn't bother me really. Headphones : Sennheiser HD 558 If you had bought headphones without Dre's name on them, you could have probably gotten better quality and still spent less.
  5. I have read The Search and The Promise Just you wait until Season 3.
  6. So far Season 3 of Korra is the best season of either show
  7. Any fans of The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra out there?
  8. thvnder


    I originally got the tattoo in 2005, as just a grey Triquetra. I got it touched up and had a marble pattern added in 2008. The color has held up incredibly well since then, I couldn't be more pleased with the gentleman that did the touch up.
  9. The way that I see it maps get voted depending on the types of players that are more prevalent in the server. When the older guys are prevalent, it's a 10-ish map rotation with Delivery/Adler/Braun/Frost etc, and when the newer guys are prevalent the original maps and the maps that have not been played in 160 maps get played. I don't know about you guys, but I've definitely played Oasis enough times to know that it's a bad map.
  10. They need to release an updated graphics version of the game, but keep everything else about the engine the same.
  11. The Rnade glitch where I click to fire and I hear the sound like my Rnade fired but instead rnade is just removed from the gun and I have to wait a couple seconds to fire. Rnades seemingly nerfed in general .... rnade can land right in someone's peehole and barely hurt them yet the ones that last 20+ feet away from me are fatal or close to it. When I have 3 or 4 teammates behind me and I still get backraged by the enemy, or really any time my teammates refuse to fire their weapons. Although the worst is when a good map (ie Frostbite) is finished when the attacking team is heavily stacked. If you are seeing the banner than allies are 3+ players heavy perhaps that isn't the best time to go and grab the docs for a run.
  12. Well of course if there are settings/binds that you want to load up every time you join a server you would use put that in your autoexec. But not everything that you would ever execute in a cfg file is something that you want to be loaded by default every time you join a server.
  13. The Cincinnati Bengals, the Kentucky Wildcats, and The Phantom Regiment
  14. I used to do "tech support" for U-verse, and I would frequently have customers change their DNS to Google's DNS if they were having browsing problems. It's amazing the problems you are able to help with when you go outside the bullshit script.

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