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  1. WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW i'm back in action! thanks Partisan, that went a lot smoother than I expected of course, by the time we all started playing COD4, steam was barely around, if i remember right...
  2. hi guys! i haven't been around for quite some time, possibly someone remembers my name.... so, after checking out COD4 remastered multiplayer and leaving it about 3 minutes later, I reinstalled COD4 including all patches up to 1.7 (still had them). when trying to connect to our server it told me server is at 1.8 (and i was like - damn, they're still fixing this game?) google, various youtube videos and tutorials later.... I'm at 1.8 COD4x 17.7 and still can't join the HC beginenrs server... help me, pls... thanks Matti
  3. hey guys, just found some time to get all of you updated, as i was absent quite a few days i guess... long story to tell, but the only thing that keep me away from our servers right now is a internetcrash which does not seem to be fixed by my ISP. currently working on this, will be back in action soon!
  4. gooooooood neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeews!

  5. wanted to start with my 22, but i guess.... nope^^
  6. nah, dont do that to ur gpu... it takes up to 95 degrees C, so dont worry,,,
  7. yes, 14cm fans on top have to pull out the air - i agree. another at least 2 (in my case 5 - 2 front, 2 side, 1 back) pull in fresh air. the two 14s on top also cool my cpus liquid, since it didn't want that warm air to stream into the case as well.
  8. dafuq? wasn't that you causing discussions around the best and cheapest gaming pc in the world some days ago? now you invested like 3 times the money you wanted nevertheless: looks great - but i can't stop laughing because of this stock-wannabe-cool(er) on that CPU - and let me tell you one thing: if you are really going to add one of those slot-fans you posted above, i will kick ur ass and never talk to you again!
  9. yay i made it wait, there is no award for it?
  10. kind of,... as you said.... there is only one weapon is use the acog on.... SCORPION! gives you a massive long range 20 shot laser guided pew pew mini sniper rifle that beats the sh*t out of almost everything! edit: well, the scorpion does that without the acog as well, but it looks fancy
  11. mp5.... i started using it after spectating annoying for some times... but just to throw in some thoughts: a mp5 kills with one shot, while a g3 or g36 need some more (in game) - the muzzle velocity of a HK MP5 is around 375 m/s, the velocity on a MP5SD (the silenced one, but i don't think it was adopted in cod4) is around 280 m/s. that means you are hit by a 9 x 19 mm bullet (weight around 8 grams). that's called "manstopper". a g3(g3a3 ingame) has a muzzle speed around 800 m/s. the bullet 7.62 x 51 mm weighs around 9 grams. (when it does not hit anything, it may fly up to 10km!) this will go right thru you. you may not even notice that you're hit and bleeding as f**k - until you drop to the ground, aksing why... a g36c: 5.56 x 45 mm: muzzle speed: around 780 m/s at weight of around 4 grams (no hit - )... if a g3 goes thru, the g36 does as well... Heckler & Koch even had to modify the gun to get the muzzle speed below 800 m/s - just to get the licences of NATO... all assault-rifles above 800 m/s are simply prohibited for NATO armies in terms of human rights and stuff. that is why the mp5 kills "earlier" then the other guys... the system: think about a W1200 (called defender ) caliber 12 - 18.2 x 76 mm, weight around 32 grams... but it won't kill anyone further away then around 35 meters...
  12. well, since i am not using steam, i know where the problem is.... i'm in possession of three working COD4 keys the oldest one from a game i once borrowed in a shop (think it was around 2008^^), gave back, but kept the key another one, because i thought i lost the first key - and wanted to play (little later i found it - who would have seen that coming:D) and the third one from a steelbook, as i wanted to get a collecters edition of the best game i've played during the last (at least) 10 years! i reset my complete computer a couple of days ago - and so i had to reinstall COD4 as well. and up to that point i was sure i used the second key - but when i inserted my "old" profiles, they wouldn't work... connecting to beginners hc, console told me i'm a player - and since i thought it was all about the profiles, i asked kami to set me back up to clan member. that was done pretty fast, and he asked me about the cd-key - so i tried it - and it worked out! i can use my profiles. but i cannot connect beginners hc anymore, when i'm with my normal name... is there a way to kill the other guid, that is by now blocking my name? thanks for the help so far ( + in advance) jacker
  13. hello together! since yesterday i experience the same name-issue that genji is suffering from since a while... as soon as i connect to the server (only beginners hc) i'm autokicked, as long as my name is =F|A= Jacker. here's the names i tried: F|A Jacker - works =F|A= JackeR - nope =F|A= Jackerr - works =F|A=Jacker - nope =F|A= Jack0r - works did anyone solve this yet? what should i do?
  14. well, the yellow bricks make it "pretty easy" - i have no clue, but since i think i know crossfire pretty good - i'd say it's on showdown as well! edit: damnit, it's not :-D edit 2: i've been running around on all maps i thought of - no way.... you tagged that decal there urself! also i did not find a complete wall made of the bricks you show there :-D

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