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  1. Hey guys cant seem to find the thread about map requests so i opened up this one, anyway i though perhaps you guys could place Baserace with Panzer Mode Enabled and alter the gravity. I believe this would be a small contribution to actually having some players were uber meds skill High + rambos would be more or less equal. Last but not least, ET and gaming is about having FUN...!!!!
  2. Got it...............but..................we are the.................so its dedicated to US and not the U.S.
  3. Merry Christmas

  4. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    The video is slow motion Top Fuel Racing ...please sit back and enjoy :-)
  5. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    soz mate..its all about being who you are....
  6. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    Del Worsham defeats John Force . soz about not having live streaming here..but hope the recording is okay.
  7. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    Soz for the non US nitro heads..but hey this is F|A and we are Fearless Assassins
  8. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    Hope you guys like it...sure its what im into in more ways than one
  9. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    F*ck..im such a petrol head it cost me my last long time relationship...oh...well..my dedicated song to this post is
  10. h3ll

    NHRA Drag Racing

    Indeed prostock are serious balls...but here is a buddy of mine, well havent seen him in person in a while as im overseas for several years ( Peter is the bud and yeah back when i was much younger i use to race a 11 second street car...oh well that was then cause these days i drive a volvo.... :-) )
  11. h3ll

    ET from 2008

    ...meanwhile back in the days.....
  12. Kewl, now i know who to ting ting just for the fun of it...... Its hunting season :-)

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