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  1. Not sure where rock songs like the songs from metallica, guns n roses are labeled into. Missing Reggeaton aswell. I've got a wide area of music i like from hiphop/rnb to stuff i just meantioned
  2. +1 especially Stalingrad and Eagles would be a great addition to the rotation, i remember them from the older days great maps to play on.
  3. No idea, never made a map so can't tell if u need source or not. Tipsy said sound gets back as soon ceremony stops or atleast it should
  4. Thats true but for myself i like UJE maps, they are great addition to all ET maps that are out there. They made some great maps(with alot of semi secret features). Lets see how this works out
  5. Well most of us can thought, but true that. Alot of them don't even bother it. Would be good for those that do read the banners though
  6. this time it was pretty mild. Most people were too busy fighting and some of us had our focus more on the ceremony part Maybe a suggestion to add a banner for that map specifically so people don't complaint instantly and know about the sound thing being intentionally and automatically returns after ceremony ending. Would probably turn down the complaining by alot.
  7. Oh i didn't know that, people said it was a bug so i assumed it was so i did snd_restart to get it working again. I did saw people still complaint if i'm correct after ceremony ended with the panzer shots.
  8. So far only saw UJE 00 and it has a major bug when people doing the ceremony causing all people to lose audio that only can be fixed by doing /snd_restart in console. And i heard people complaining about the tank being bugged. Hope to play on the other maps too soon to see how they are(some of them i never played on :D)
  9. An actual remake no this is still more of a copy thats true. Thought a real rework will never happen since the whole Wolfenstein franchise has been sold to bathesda and they have their focus more on singleplayer
  10. There is updates on it, go check its youtube channel and u see they posted an update 3 months ago about having 2 more devs working on it
  11. Well tbh i only banned 2 people on my servers so my guess you use the name yamalamasay or something similar ? or you mean banned way back? If so just message me on discord
  12. Thank you all for the warm welcome
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