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  1. Trucho

    Untitled Album

  2. hahaha Is a v-say ingame (v-5-4) (next time you play just watch the keys you press to say "hi-hello-hallo")
  3. It's time to christmas maps, isn't? I would love to propose some maps but I don't know their names (I been playing this game only for 1 and a half year )
  4. Well, many people think El Kulo is the best, while many others think (as I do) Maddog is the best one, so we should make some kind of election between them... or let our leader ingame, Panzerfasut, chooses which one is da man. the rest of my personal ranking: 2.-Blacktail 3.-Applaud 4.-Onni 5.-Segg 6.-R3flex 7.-Pa!adyn 8.-Meshugah 9.-Acid 10.-Reborn
  5. Hey, Jimmy!! nice to meet you beyond your panzer XD welcome on forums!!
  6. <3

    1. Trucho


      Perdoe-me! ele ficasse aqui e agora eu não posso levá-lo comigo!

  7. Trucho

    Need your help

    Done! (I like her sweater ) 8.0 by 80 votes
  8. wow, what a nice history! thx for sharing it with us! Lucky, you're da man!
  9. Trucho

    Hello all!!

    Hi! I'm happy to be here again, I had an accident few weeks ago practicing trekking (I fell from 4 mts) and I got injured on my wrist and two fingers on my right hand, four fingers and some cuts in my left hand and minor injuries on several parts in the rest of my body. I'm recovering my mobility so I hope to see you (and shoot you XD) soon! A big hug for everyone, if you want to ask me something just shoot, except how do I use the toilet