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  1. hey man! what are u doing?didnt see you playing anymore!

  2. This is what I did from your first post. Step by step : 1) select 'Quote' option below right 2) then, click 'BBCode Mode' at the upper left corner on editor window 3) delete all the strings except this "<img=http://imageshack.com/a/img546/9551/3auq.jpg>" (I had to substitute <,> with [,]. Because with [,], it repeats your picture again.) 4) hit the 'Add Reply' button. You are done. Then, copy the same string and paste it to your 'signature editor window', too. It would make your signature appear in correct size. (actually I tested on my signature with your picture to make it sure. Sorry for that. ) Hope this helps you. And sure, all credits to Anti.
  3. Yo, Octane. I guess this reply, made by Anti in other thread, would be helpful for you. http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/53977-getting-fed-up-with-signature/?p=471404
  4. hey, scortch. welcome to the forums. No, you are not late at all. You are completely new to me, at least... And your forums avatar is very impressive. I like it.
  5. I think he meant fov thing. I think you might ask some help here: http://fearless-assassins.com/forums/206-et-scripts-configs/
  6. Yeah, surely. I appreciate your continuous effort to keep everyone out of trouble. And of course, the management who are working on the issue, too. This server-sided vsay problem seems to plague many players who join multiple servers. We also have had another thread related with vsay problem. http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/54005-vsays-only-seem-to-work-on-jay-3/ I was thinking about requesting a thread merge, but above thread seems that it was started from a simple, rather different, problem as disabled vsay settings. Yet, as a whole, almost identical problem with which is discussed here, in the end. So, I'd like to suggest to make a 'temporary' pinned thread about the vsay problem, excerpted from these two threads, on the ET Support forum until the problem is fixed. Or, simply like this one as notification: http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/54176-v-vsays-not-working/?p=475223
  7. I wondered if Gorilla found another solution to this vsay problem. And will be glad if he lets us know wheather the vsays still work well or not, when he joins back to jay1 server from jay2 server.
  8. That's curious. Then, which sesrver did you download the original 'zz_jaymod-0.3.pk3' file that you have deleted from ? (Oh, man. Is this English? Sorry.) Which server did you download it from ? I mean the original 'zz_jaymod-0.3.pk3' file that you have deleted. And, do vsays still work well for you on jay1 server now ?
  9. I think we still have the Goldrush of original version. Of course usually we have stopwatch version of it. But from time to time, when I even didn't pay any attention to voting screen, I happen to land on the middle of the Middle East. I'm not sure if it is intended or not. I took a ss when I played there today as an evidence. (In stopwatch version, the command post is located on the 2nd floor of the building next to the bridge.)
  10. I guess the map is 'MLB Temple'