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  1. Ok thnx for the help......ill try it out and see if it works.....Thanks again
  2. i applied a while back and never heard anything back.......guess thats my answer.....thnx for answering my question...i dnt think im going to go thru the app process again....well.....have fun and god bless all and still never got my name fixed back to what it was before ....still no answers....and no.... \set name " " dnt work to "rename"
  3. Guys i have been on Planetside 2 for PC soon to be released on PS4 console... do we have a clan base setup on PS2? /Outfit/Squad IF NOT! then WHY??????? IF So........Damnit i want in!!! im so good with team based Co-op mmofps games IF not. can i start one with our Fearless Logo? and be ready for our members to join if they havent done so already....I feel we would need to be right at home with familiar players to step into a unfamiliar world and be guided by our members that have prior experience in the game to "guide" them thru" what the game does not teach and can be only learned by experience and teaching 1 on 1.... if there is already a pre-existing Outfit owned by F/A let me know so i can join up and play with my mates if not i would be asking for Sanction to use and or build one...and i would happily turn over admin/ to admin to help manage the outfit of F/A on Planetside2......love to hear the Admins input as well as the players if any have played Planetside2.
  4. yup i sure do...i assume you do as well? or near by? sorry to take so long getting you a response back i am more of an action person and not a forum person....unless i run into trouble with my game then i become a forum person im near the bullit Co. line on preston hwy....you??
  5. ok i did like instructed to get my =F I A= xxKY_BROxx name tag....colored an all.........entered it in the game menu using the ~ key....and ctrl+v to paste it....only when i requested ammo did i see the name was changed to " SET" not my name with the F I A tag like i expected......now i tried to "Re-Name" and \set name" blah blah blah to no avail......even tried to change profile names.......still shows my character as named "SET" how does a bambi /newb such as myself fix this problem? any and all help is appreciated.....thnx for the acceptance to the clan...... i plan to donate to btw as i love your servers
  6. Happy Birthday Louisville_Assassin!

  7. i have been playing Silent #1 as Xx_Ky_Bro_xX i live in East Coast USA and i am addicted to yer servers so ...keep the fun coming.....oh btw whats up with the 30k exp thing and lvl 1 admin? in game it said to ask forlv1 admin after joining forums...and how to obtain this 30k exp?

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