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  1. Superman vs. Batman

    You are mostly interested in the female ones, am i right?
  2. website Wiki Grammar Errors

    Blah blah blah who gives a f*** lol there are also many grammatical errors in the console messages, but i don't care lol.
  3. ET Server =F|A=FALL GAME DAY Sept. 6/7

    It sucks but oh well
  4. Who still plays BF:BC2

  5. Ketchup ban

    Wait, lemme get my 9. I can deal with these fools in a second!
  6. Hello all

    Welcome to the forums!! Nice first name If for some reason you want your worst fear to happen, just hit me up!
  7. Pic of the Day 08.09.14

    I was going to say that... lol
  8. DNA testing reportedly reveals identity of Jack the Ripper

    Wut.... lol Also... 300 POSTS!!!! WOOOOOO
  9. ET Video

    Yes, i know it sucks, but here is the test version! It is also really short, cause the song was short.
  10. ET Video

    I am currently uploading the test version!! It isn't that good, i want to see what you think about it and i can go from there! Most of my sniperwar footage sucked, so i stuck mostly to panzer.
  11. Pic of the Day 08.09.14

    #2 i can stand how smart those people are!!!!
  12. ET Video

    It should be done by late today.... But it will be horrible, but i'm open to criticism lol! I have never really worked on anything so lets see how people react!
  13. Clan donations

    DJ is donating $25 dollars, and von Rantala is going to match it, there might be another person too, but i forget!
  14. ET Video

    I've started, not finished yet. Lightworks is kinda being a d*** at the moment, trying to work stuff out.
  15. ET Video

    Kind of just song dumping now, i need ideas lol VOLUME WARNING!!