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  1. I completely forgot who it was that i was talking too on the FA beginners server about a computer. My step brother moved out and that was the source of my friendships with you guise and i am now lost. BUT! someone said they have comps sitting around and offered to give me one. My mushy brain can't, for the life of me, remember who that was. maybe Normancorn? idk. but i need your assistance in letting THAT GUY know to contact me. ~Google+ ~GoogleMaps ~infctd mshrm
  2. Trance/EDM in the CoD ranks!!

    I wanna know who is into EDM amongst my CoD FAmily members. I personally like it to a certain limit, and the reason I say that is cause there has always been ONE group that's entranced me: Infected Mushroom. Their style is just so unique. Could be that they're Israeli and their middle eastern music, which they induct in their songs, are what's entrancing me. Idk, but when I play and listen to them, I rage!
  3. Music Festivals!

    who here that is part of the CoD4 community, interested in Festivals?! festivals as in Electric forest
  4. cod4 server R700 or M40A3 ?

    M40A3 less recoil, in my opinion. pretty accurate. the R700 does more damage but it's too sloppy.
  5. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    just saw the trailer for Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and i personally am not interested. Main reason is that i haven't really been into the futuristic FPS games. except TitanFall, but that's besides the point. Yes, i may check it out, and maybe my opinion will change, but we'll see. i want to hear about some of your opinions about this. ~Google+
  6. MP5 weapon...what a killing machine

    i personally think the scorpian is way better. no recoil, perfect accuracy, and great at close quarters. only downfall is the small magazine.
  7. GoogleMaps name change

    We'll see what I decide on. Wouldn't mind keeping it, but also wouldn't mind changing.
  8. cod4 server Just to let you know

    Awe. My little stub isn't gonna go hard that much. Oh well. We'll miss you! Just make sure to be active in forums at least.
  9. cod4 server Your perk set up and why

    For snipe? I use bandolier, sleight of hand, and extreme conditioning.
  10. GoogleMaps name change

    We will soon own your life.... (-.(-.(-.(-.(-.(-.-).-).-).-).-).-) We are everywhere.
  11. GoogleMaps name change

    Lol my aliases, in the past, include: Google+, GoogleMaps, thenewguy, & intheyear21xx(my bet name for when the game came out) I'm only interested in promoting the world renowned company of Google.
  12. I am an artist. My preferable way of art is drawing abstract things that no one but me can see the meaning of it. With my .05 mechanical pencil and a lot of erasing, I can create some good pieces of artwork. I have an account on deviantart.com, of which I follow my all time favorite artist, Negative Feedback. His art inspires me to work on my own. Also, with the help of the albums created by Infected Mushroom. I would just like to make this topic to get more ideas, more methods, and to see other FArtists pieces of work. Thanks. ~Google+
  13. GoogleMaps name change

    I'll just speak on behalf of everyone in FA Beginners, my current name, GoogleMaps, is a cool name. I can use it to find enemy hostiles during game, but I would like to change my name back to, Google+. It's the name that made me known to the clan and to be respectful and honor the clan, I would like to change it back. I'm only posting this to ask the opinion of the big wigs and everyone else. So just let me know. Thanks. ~Google+
  14. Let's relax with some Trance!

    anything by these Guise. i get lost in my mind everytime i listen to them. I'm Infected
  15. best acog weapon classes

    M40A3 with Acog. my perk set-up: 3x Frag Slight of hand Steady Aim.