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  1. Seriously in need of some Polish rule keybinds

    Wow I had no Idea silly me. Thanks Speed, will try this out
  2. After playing for awhile on Abnerdogs it has come to my attention that we need some way of communicating with the polish players. We have discused this to some extent in game and now I am taking it too the fourms. Any polish speaking FA members willing to help translate the rules? Thanks.
  3. Avicii or Arctic Monkeys

    If this is a question of choosing between rock and EDM, I have to say that I prefer EDM. So Avicii wins it for me
  4. COD4 Server Oct new COD4 map rotation

    Abnerdog's looking good
  5. Does F|A like meat or veggies?

    Love me some meat
  6. L KiNG | A CoD4 Promod Frag Movie (competetive)

    Ahahaha my computer is rubbish, I only can run at about 70FPS lol. This guy has mad skills though probably could still own even on my computer lol
  7. Just a Question :p

    Good idea
  8. Essentials for Uni?

    Same here, starting Uni in Febuary of next year I would also appreciate any tips or advice
  9. Seanzy dropping by to say hey :)

    Heya, played with you on Abnerdogs, welcom to the fourms
  10. New Rule Request

    Join us on Abnerdog's
  11. Just a Question :p

    Why torrent and crack the game when you can grab a fully functional and leagal copy these days for as low as $7 USD? Support the devs
  12. Just wondering if any Australians here are into politics, Labour or Liberal? Discusion Thread
  13. cod4 server What are your favourite weapons and why (pros and cons)

    G3 with steady aim is a deadly weapon! Amzing for long-range semi sniping but also lethal up close with steady aim at least
  14. Just curious to know if anyone likes this kind of music here and if it's your first time hearing it, what do you think? Jai Paul: Baths:
  15. Hello Speed here!

    Heya all, Just joined the =F|A= website and fourms. I play COD 4 on the Abnerdog server under the name Speed. am not =F|A= Speed although he told me I should join, soo here I am.