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  1. The 2nd information had been useful at the 1st picture
  2. Yeah, how they said its a funny bug... after a time normaly you have -XP But its all fine, XP will be saved automatically
  3. He used the wrong submission, but he want to introduce himself... so he is right here :-) To the topic: Hey, welcome and have fun here :-)
  4. Danny

    Bf3 Sale(100% off)

    Thanks for the information. Heared it from Annibal yesterday... I will test it now
  5. I want to have the first figure!
  6. Happy mother day, when we have here some mothers
  7. That looks hard I understand how it should works for a little bit, but bind f8 is then the key, and why "vstr name1"? ? Isn´t it possible, that i take on config in the jaymod and one in the silent file and it works automatically whereever I am online?
  8. Hey guys, I don´t know wether it possible, because of this I will ask here. Most time I played on beginners 1... so, I binded some keys.. now when I have to use them on Fun1 (Silent Mod) there are different keys, when i am right....so f.e. when I type a button to say thank you for a person, there is: Thank you [K] Is it possible to switch them? I had not watch, wether there are a possibility for silent mods, but when not, that the bindings are just running f.e. with thank you and without the [K]. But then it should be switched again, when I am on beginners #1 back.. Hope you understand what I mean Greetings Danny
  9. Nice to see this topic of you mattdg. You can contact me in xfire too, of course. Next time I will play more on Fun1 when I have time to look at this situation. If there any else troubles, dont be shy to report this! Greetings Danny
  10. Here my screenshot Fun1 Kills with knife: 52
  11. Gratulations :)

  12. Danny

    NQ1 Artillery

    I dont know, wether it is not so at NQ1, but normaly you can have 1 airstrike by a team So i could be there 2 at the same time Have you a video from this? Never saw that everywhere would be more than 1 airstrike by a team Oo

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