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  1. Hello Camo!! Good to see you finally join the Forum!
  2. I worked for over 3 years for Charter Communications. The department i worked primarily in was TV/VIDEO Repair.. along with some Internet issues also. I have to say this is one of THE WORST if not THE #1 worst TV/HSI/PHONE companies in existence!! I was expected to keep these angry customers happy about their SHIT service. constant outages...billing screw ups...etc the list goes on.. So whitnessing from the inside how this company is ran, i can vouche that Charter is a JOKE! Keep in mind, I was a top agent on the phone.. but they decided to move almost ALL of their inbound call operation overseas.. leaving us hard working americans Jobless.. So after my years of service to these corporate masters, I was left with about 1 month notice that my job would be gone.. It's only a matter of time before these jokers file bankruptcy again, and rumor is they may get bought out by Time Warner Thanks Charter!!! Shitting all over the Customers... then Finally all over your employees!!! That's about what i would expect from you! -1 Avoid Charter Communications at ALL COSTS!!
  3. Registered...Voted.... Will vote again tomorrow
  4. buhbye

    aww grumpy cat <3

    Same here! This thread is Hilarious!!!

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