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  1. Happy Birthday *havok!

  2. I have been playing for a while but Im pretty new to modifying the configs and all that kind of stuff. With my old tv i used was a 42 inch 720 60hz now i just switched to a 46 1080 120hz. The game looks different but so does the game play.. i having some issues adjusting.. i cant play lol Is there anything I can do to adjust that, besides going to back to my old monitor?
  3. I think we are definitely a virus.. we will not reach an equilibrium with our population and end up using all of natural resources. Humans = worst invasive species of all time!!! PS Great Video!!
  4. Women!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!

    1. CookieMonsta
    2. *havok


      YES!!!! cant understand them.. one second is one thing next is something totally different..

  5. Long and hot day today.. 100 degrees

    1. Xernicus


      >.< I hate that weather. It's supposed to be around 80 today here in Seattle, but the humidity is some 60%, so it's going to be awful.

    2. *havok


      Same here I love the cold weather...

  6. hello and welcome... nice to have you back
  7. I think Roberto Carlos' free kick is one of the top 3 goals ever. Great video
  8. Tired...long day at work!!

  9. I had the HTC One X.. that was a great phone... Only problem with HTC, that i hated... to release updates it takes forever
  10. Love my phone.. Samsung GALAXY Note 2 Specifications Network 3G: HSPA+21Mbps (HSDPA 21Mbps / HSUPA 5.76Mbps) 4G LTE: 100Mbps / 50Mbps Processor 1.6 GHz quad-core processor OS Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) Display 140.9 mm (5.5") HD Super AMOLED (1,280 x 720) Dimension 80.5 x 151.1 x 9.4 mm, 182.5g Battery Standard battery, Li-ion 3,100mAh Memory 64GB User memory + 2GB (RAM)
  11. Time to release some stress .. ET Time!!!


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