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  1. I got banned

    can you post the folder which ET is installed in ?
  2. I got banned

    I would suggest first to use the pk3.cleaner then try to reconnect
  3. Visual Studio

    Just noticed I need C. and not C# or C++.. Does VS 2017 can support it (I mean open project in C only and not cpp, cant find it)
  4. Visual Studio

    Hmm the VS came with pc I guess, never downloaded it. Just had the file - VS installer 2017.
  5. Visual Studio

    Hey guys , Started study and teacher want us to open VS at home and train about #C. How I do it ? I dont have #C option in new project..
  6. Lacargo cfg

    Hmm nothing I can help.. Beside advise you to edit the post and cut the name binds. Player which will like to use you'r cfg will get the name by mistake, and since you'r rankning session.. well, not very good for you
  7. 2 Mortars on Jay 1

    He said its been always 2 mg's on each side But I've seen two mortars as well on the haunted house map
  8. Disable Poison Knife Yes/No?

    To be honest, I never understood why the throwing knife got poison in it.. ? In my opinion it should be removed or at least as harushi said, let us still aim and bleed to death. Beside that, I would prefer the best for the server and not the best for my own gameplay style.. so if poison knife brings more players, let it be.
  9. Suggestion about adrenaline server jay2

    Cant be adre to only one class as it will become unfair for the rest. About the xp, I think it can become from 0 xp and not 5 stars medic.. but lets wait for more opinions.
  10. XP + Level lost - Jay3

    Same here
  11. New PC Parts

    Because buying a mobo is way too expensive here
  12. New PC Parts

    My card was fine, my MB is making the problems.. We tried in the lab 2 cards and both didnt work out with my pc.. Ah well.. will buy new pc sometime
  13. New PC Parts

    I think my card is DOA.. fuk it
  14. New PC Parts

    I dont the the pins needed in my GPU
  15. New PC Parts

    Better not to touch it then and let the man who sold me the card to fix it https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/6c9ilg/finally_a_rx560_without_piwer_connector/ here's the topic which you can see there are several GPUs without the psu pins