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  1. Guys, I have to admitt: because of Soccer World Cup 2018 is much-much more trolling, national hatred, racist remarks on our servers. Even good s1 regulars are trolling today, like Thor, Frwix, and etc.  Dammn you fifa!!

    1. FireFist


      Anti-fifa-watching movement! who with me? xD

  2. Actually I remember your true name! First letter is- B! and you are not "new guy", old timer :))) Still fixing your cars? :PPP
  3. I love Budapesht, I was there millions times (coes it is a big hub - we cant have a lot from Zagreb but Hungaria does)
  4. COol! :) Y r from Budimpesta?
  5. Kaj thank you, I forget to add: my gf have Slovak heritage : I speak Croatian - she answer in Slovak and we understand eachover! False friends is funny: my favorite so far is Sklep - lol we put dead people there - and you puts food! :)))) rolf 13 posterunek means 13 "washing mashines"?? I mean: to wash clothes... :)))) :? miodowa lata ofc honey something (plate?) ranczo - a ranch? Polish are awesome!! Ps I already started to watched news: and discover Poland produce and import a lot of apples(!) and about EU migrant crysis...
  6. I am not afraid Shana, I work in hotels, and a lot of Polish guests are comming to spend Xmass or New Year in Croatia. Last year it was group of guests, they was 4 days (all New Year), and after second day with them I started to understand them perfectally :)) all old protoslavic words are the same with Croatian/Russian. So the basics are there.. But I bearly can say some of shh sounds like: pshe, tzshe, vshe, and ect. It is very hard we dont have that sounds (or very little). Maybe I should start to watch news from Poland, I hope it is not so hard and complicated for begginers like me.... Also playing witcher 3 on Polish is a good idea!
  7. guys I've decided to learn Polish, I am already speak Croatian and Russian languages, so I hope it wont be so hard after all.. Wwhat tv serial you reccomended for my purpose?
  8. I've tested this map a little: it has nice new detales, more lights, intersting features, and better gameplay. I want to thanks Mr. Smiley for superb work! ♥♥
  9. Hey Smiley do you want to be my new BFF? :P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Smileyyy


      Oh u didn't tag me :( 

      But yes pat, I'm in for it! ❤️ 

    3. Patrick


      @Vindstot tou can also join!xD

    4. Vindstot
  10. Guys, does anyone can explain me Puni is a boy or a girl? :)


    (ani beemet le mevin et ze!)

    1. CheepHeep


      Hes a girl.

    2. Vindstot


      Well, since he has a nice beard and chest hair in his profile picture, obviously a girl

    3. Sparrow


      he is a noob

  11. !wunder bra

  12. I never did a trickjump in my life!

  13. I remember how this game looks like before 15 years :) Without all that enormous jumps, sounds packs and panzer straight shoots

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