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  1. Cool pic!!!! But my Thai ping is devastating!!!
  2. OMG, Baska is a girl! From Poland!! OMG!!!

  3. Shp, I'm sorry, i'm a Twat... 10 times.

  4. whoa, Snake is alive!!! :)) WB!
  5. I Bosnia I dont like lamb meat - too much fats.. In Eritrea I hate then they starting to boil a beer - the smell is aweful - cant even taste it after! In Thailand I dont like fish juice and Dragonfruit. In all Middle East countries I hate pita bread. In Italy I dont like breakfasts with jam. In Germany too much junk street food like chicken kebab - its looks like Walking Dead meat. In Croatia and Slovenia I dont like Chevapi anymore.
  6. OMG, Leatherface is Danish? :O  I never know..... (was thinking 1000 light years he is from US)

  7. ghmmm.... are you from Ireland or from Auburn, WA ? I remember two Savages
  8. Patrick

    Hello there :)

    old Gubbi is alive- and he never changed that avatar for decades!
  9. Hip, it looks like your first pc was Pentium 166mmx :))
  10. I always will miss my first 486dx2-66 mhz, with VGA display, PC Speaker and 5 inch floppy. (no CD-ROM, no Sound Blaster, nothing) PS HDD was very big - nearly 400 mb.
  11. I met her IRL. I was a little confused, because her real name actually Kathoey @Xalyar, our clan is the best place to meet girs! I met tonz of FA girlz (for last two years!), Cheep's sister, =FA=Shp, beautiful Gengis, me (hihi), sexy Masa - best girls in FA clan!
  12. Cheep is from moon and he doesn't know what it Memorial day!

    1. Neuro


      I think the moon's been around long enough it knows more than any of us.


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