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  1. Guys I've just realised I used internet back in 95. Then only like 30M ppl used it worldwide... Damn it was strange times

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Eazy


      it was crazy indeed . dial internet was a nightmare slow but we were soo trill. It was a whole other thing when you think .  i also remember the pc 286 then 486 and finally pentium 1 was a revolution haha!!

    3. kajto3


      I'd kill to be a 90's kid heheh

    4. captnconcrete


      i was 18 in 1995 wow.. 


      u have mail..


      the three hr wait to load a whole picture.lol

  2. Everyday I miss all my dear friends: Mooji, RedAngel, Shape, Masa, Pez, D..X, Kaj, Boki, Audrey and more...
  3. Haha lol I thought Sonfo still clan friend :))))) silly me Gratz and happy frags in american football
  4. Bok stari, nadam se da znaš hrvatski? Hehehhh Pozz iz ZG
  5. Then I bored I work like a manager of Russian Iceskating Team.
  6. Helo hello, I warching your tvich channel, welcome bro
  7. I would like to invite you on Valintine gayme day. :)

    1. Patrick


      I ment gameday ofc. On jay mod

    2. CheepHeep
    3. Patrick


      no. come with me (if you want to live!)

  8. what does it mean: urod bliayat? I just heard that on dis
  9. Guys I often feel like "we need only 1 field op on the team" too, but if the teams are like 12 vs 12 or even more, I can be a second or even third field op, just to give ammo to ppl. It is so lame to see five or six field ops in the same team, or, in generally, or too much covies or soldiers, for example....: Or 7 medics and zero engies. The team must be balanced by classes: So, 1 go to server, 2 choose weakest team 3 choose need class for better team play 4 play and be nice to players FA RULES! :))))) PS And I also think Lenovo didn't settle with us also because of his lang barrier :((((( English is a must.
  10. I never get angry while playing...
  11. As my fellow apprentice, D...X worked well! Congratz and well done!
  12. Patrick


    too far away from my homebase: I am from Lamphun dist.

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