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  1. For me is always was death from Panzer, when you flying far far away like a little "b***" Also then you are the spy, and you think you found a perfect ambush position for a little SK just near spawn, but the second allies stomp you with his stinky boots PS just remember most stupid death evar: then you are a medic, and you are tried to poison someone, but pressed a wrong button and instead to kill your enemy, - you are feeding him a medpacks and running in panic backwards, coes he is after you, knifing air...
  2. me and my bff Cheep thinks how great I am

  3. Patrick


    Bok Patriče, Jesam isto Patrik lool And I am also liv in ZG :)) welcome on FA forum!!!
  4. @Hulk Yes its lovley Austrian-Hunagry style city Hehe you right Cit, we have a lot of CP in Croatia :)))) Ask @audrey for detailes. Italy is so close to here, but I think it looks more like Dubrovnik map. As y can see, I grab my panza and took nice camping position on the roof @Cit0
  5. Need a new country. Singapur sounds cool.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. P3swan
    3. Patrick


      Nice lounges in airports here...

    4. Helsen


      singapore sounds not like the best or most interesting destination. But hey, go ahead :)


  6. We do not accept youtube videos as proofs of cheating, Lenovo(?). Record in .dm_84 format next time, pls.
  7. I am getting hungry, and I feel like chicken tonight... :{

    1. LazyHippo


      Yak 😕just remember for optimus health you need to follow:

      Take breakfast like a King.

      Then lunch as a noble.

      And dinner like a servant.


    2. CheepHeep


      Hhaa enjoy yourself ma....wait what? 😠

  8. =F|A=Boom.xP, =F|A=Patrick, =F|A=Kepar Good old timers!
  9. I took Cheep's pants so many times, what I make him rage quit HC :{{{

    1. Hulk


      I learned something today... I was not aware chickens wore pants😮

  10. Croatia will win :)

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