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Status Updates posted by Nancy

  1. Nancy

    Gratz Vex!!!! 

  2. Nancy

    Sup bro :)

    1. 2rk
    2. Nancy


      Good :) wanna play today on s1 with me? 

  3. hi Zip :)_

    1. zygdas


      Hello  m8, didnt see that you write in here lol

  4. Dear Signal hi and welcome to the FA forum :) I hope you will like here a lot! We are multi gaming community, and club of admins here too... :) I hope you like our ET servers



    See you on s1!

  5. Cum, its time to return to your family back! 

    1. Nancy


      I mean our Clan!

    2. Cumquat


      oh i thought you meant my parents 😂

  6. Nancy

    happy B day!

  7. Apply! Cento! 

    I will make you my personal squeese! 


    PS its like secretary , but sexy and with very short skirt :P

  8. saw Cheep stalking your profile, so I joined

  9. Carb I am stalking your profile ! :)

    1. Carbonautics


      oh no. Policia !!!!

  10. Just noticed we have a streamer group

  11. Pelosi superspeed!!!!

    1. Kai


      She is super famous 😍😍

  12. @CheepHeep meet me in Siam Red District in 9:pm today,we go to Lady boys show!!


    1. Nancy


      And this is a hidden plan to get more chicks! 

    2. Vindstot


      Oh I see 🤔

      Well, if they feel like they want to do that, I wont stand in their way :)

    3. v583
    4. Show next comments  12 more
  13. Hi, mr Gentelman!

  14. Cheepi, soon we will share same shitty ping over 200 :(


  15. 10 finnish dollars for your pic in our pics section!

    1. Nancy
    2. m00jii
    3. m00jii


      We use Euros, why do you want to give me 10 euros :D

  16. !mawr Coma ¶π¥®∆ in main 

  17. *plop

  18. Chinese proverb says: "Nevery argue with a fool: it makes you both fools." I did yesterday because of dog shit on our street...

    1. CheepHeep


      You argued with a dog?

    2. Nancy


      no, Cheep, with a owner of the dog ofc 

    3. Bleed


      Nowadays, I could not care less about making other people like me. I'm a good person, I don't need to do that anymore.

      Beverley Mitchel

  19. Dear Red, I just realised I cant find you on Discord or send you any  PM via forum. :( Only available way left is to write you on activity wall...

    1. RedBaird


      Well, Hail, my forum PM-box is full again.


      If that happens again and you have ever PM'd me before, you can add to that thread instead of making a new PM.  The mailbox software seems to count threads and not the absolute number of messages.


      I do get onto Discord, but not daily. :( 

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