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  1. Carb I am stalking your profile ! :)

    1. Carbonautics


      oh no. Policia !!!!

  2. Just noticed we have a streamer group

  3. Pelosi superspeed!!!!

    1. Kai


      She is super famous 😍😍

  4. @CheepHeep meet me in Siam Red District in 9:pm today,we go to Lady boys show!!


    1. Nancy


      And this is a hidden plan to get more chicks! 

    2. Vindstot


      Oh I see 🤔

      Well, if they feel like they want to do that, I wont stand in their way :)

    3. v583
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  5. Hi, mr Gentelman!

  6. Cheepi, soon we will share same shitty ping over 200 :(


  7. 10 finnish dollars for your pic in our pics section!

    1. Nancy
    2. m00jii
    3. m00jii


      We use Euros, why do you want to give me 10 euros :D

  8. !mawr Coma ¶π¥®∆ in main 

  9. *plop

  10. Chinese proverb says: "Nevery argue with a fool: it makes you both fools." I did yesterday because of dog shit on our street...

    1. CheepHeep


      You argued with a dog?

    2. Nancy


      no, Cheep, with a owner of the dog ofc 

    3. Bleed


      Nowadays, I could not care less about making other people like me. I'm a good person, I don't need to do that anymore.

      Beverley Mitchel

  11. Dear Red, I just realised I cant find you on Discord or send you any  PM via forum. :( Only available way left is to write you on activity wall...

    1. RedBaird


      Well, Hail, my forum PM-box is full again.


      If that happens again and you have ever PM'd me before, you can add to that thread instead of making a new PM.  The mailbox software seems to count threads and not the absolute number of messages.


      I do get onto Discord, but not daily. :( 

  12. If RenegatePig will make sex with LazzyHippo it will be RenegateHippo or LazyPig? :P

  13. hi

    1. Nancy


      Larisa, what maps do you love in ET? 

    2. Larysa


      The small ones...to be easier for me to find you and kill you.🕵️‍♂️

    3. Nancy


      hehehe, I like maps with opportunities :) I play spy

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  14. Guys, I am ready to adopt a CheepHeep. Who wants to be the daddy?

  15. I just want to hug every person in the world!

  16. You looking rather practically ravishing this evening, my darling!.. is that a new hairdo? Supper smells delicious!

    1. Nancy


      Oh damn, wrong FA member. Sorry

  17. Now, what are the options we got left?


    Let just explore our parameters!

  18. Your stalking my accaunt, and  i am stalking yours! :))

    1. Nancy


      Cheep is just a puppet in my skilled hands, he may conquer  a world, but my evil shade will be always behind his back. 

      I am "Éminence grise", the grey eminence - powerful and viscous pink SeaStar with great ice-skate dancing skills...


    2. RedBaird


      @CheepHeep you seein' dis chit?  :D

    3. CheepHeep


      Just now hahah xD

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  19. Guys I've suddenly realized we (low/middle level admins) are the next leaders and co-leaders! :) We will, not now ofc, but soon! maybe in next few years,,, Look Cheep, Lazy, Pig, Renegate, Elcabron, Vindctot, Neuro, Tulsa, Buckwild, Peaceman, 12FYY, and a lot a lot of my friends :)))

    so cool! so the circle will continued,,,

  20. Guys I've just realised I used internet back in 95. Then only like 30M ppl used it worldwide... Damn it was strange times

    1. Eazy


      it was crazy indeed . dial internet was a nightmare slow but we were soo trill. It was a whole other thing when you think .  i also remember the pc 286 then 486 and finally pentium 1 was a revolution haha!!

    2. kajto3


      I'd kill to be a 90's kid heheh

    3. captnconcrete


      i was 18 in 1995 wow.. 


      u have mail..


      the three hr wait to load a whole picture.lol

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  21. I would like to invite you on Valintine gayme day. :)

    1. Nancy


      I ment gameday ofc. On jay mod

    2. CheepHeep
    3. Nancy


      no. come with me (if you want to live!)

  22. I mean me. Send ME!

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