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Status Updates posted by Nancy

  1. Major, whats about to promote you to colonel?😛


    1. Major Stalvern

      Major Stalvern

      A promotion to Colonel may be in order but in the eyes of some I will always be "Major". 

  2. Pls use /autoscreenshot command in game to SS your amount of XP. It will create .jpg file in your ET/silent mod folder.. You can post it in your application thread.

  3. I am waiting for you to become full membershape.

    1. m00jii


      membersheep, sheep in wolfs clothing kekw

  4. Guys Easter Game Day is started!!!!! 

    Sis, BigBro, Mpover, Plane, Chef, DeKing is there€€€

    1. floki


      So exciteD 😎😂

  5. You have nice colors!

    1. Vice86








  6. Today on soccer one girl was verbal and non verbal agressive towards me. I am so lucky what I am grown person and know how control my emotions in sports and IRL...

    1. Shape.



    2. Nancy


      !ban 30d agressive behaivier

    3. Shape.


      Ban too much for first time offender 😁

  7. Liu Kang, do not interfere! You cannot fight Shao Kahn! 

  8. try to break this code now: 



    1. Shape.



  9. Today is the first day of Spring!!!!

    1. floki


      Yay love spring 🖤😄

  10. Nancy

    Whats the best hockey club?

    1. D..X


      Toronto maple leaf's 😉

  11. india lima oscar victor echo yankee oscar uniform

    1. Shape.


      Yes sir!

  12. Tongo rules: confrontevadeacquireretreat?

  13. Weclome to Seniors Team!!! Well done!!!!!

    1. GHARIB


      Thank you my Dear Patriiick 😄



  14. Umro je Đorđe Balašević :((((((

  15. Just came from my everyday run: pc wont start - black screen. started to do diagnosis: video card not respond, and main SATA wont respond, or respond with 0  boot status. Change wire and port, secondary worked as slave, and  I had to downgrade videocard to ATI Radeon x1050 (128 mb piece of history!), - but ET worked ok, 90 fps its whats i need.


    Now is a question: wtf it was?   

    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Oke i will ask was is wtf? 😄😆


  16. lol pratimo sad jedan drugog 😛

    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Hehehhe moramo!!! Vidim da nismo od početka pa reko hajd🤣

  17. It has been promiced to me a FULL SCALE CHICKEN INVASION by year 2020. Now its 2021, and I dont see any invasion!.. 


    Where is my invasion, Cheep? 





    1. CheepHeep


      Because of covid, it has been postponed until further notice. 

  18. Muff I am stalking your profile!!! 

  19. I am secretly enjoying watching Emmerdale Farm

    1. Daddy


      You're a cult person!

  20. Nancy

    Do you like math? 


    1. ElEl




      Hmmmmmmmm 🤔


      I'm not sure.

    2. Nancy


      Guitars? Games? Games with guitars?

  21. Je te suis!

    1. DeKing


      A la prochaine mon ami qui parle francais 😄

  22. try to decrypt this now: 34181021027492217


    first clue: its decimal number.

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