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  1. Tony, can you cook some love for me? :) 🥰

  2. Bud, you must be moar active on foruuum!!  :P

    1. Nancy


      Hey, always want to ask you whats your regalar game time? Wanna play with you again.... XDdd

    2. BLAAT


      Depends on the day, but mostly between 20.00 and 24.00 (UTC +1)

    3. Nancy


      Understood ""___))))

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  3. I am Nancy, the goddes of nades!

  4. Hiiii

    1. Grzeniu


      Howdy there, Nancy :) A friday evening, eventually!

  5. aaand I got fired because of playing ET on the job. all the time. like for the last 6 months.

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    2. Shape.


      Time for vacay✌️

    3. L3ftY.


      Nancy, Nancy, Nancy...how many times do I have to tell you? Turn the sound down and use ET minimizer 


    4. Nancy



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  6. Tinky, how flexible you are? :)  

    1. Nancy


      I am asking, coes I do yoga for a while, very good for stretching....

  7. Guys, I am started to practice yoga and Ive noticed how my KR go ups after it. 😮

    1. 0siE.


      what kr is ? :o

    2. captnconcrete


      pictures for proof.lol

    3. Cumquat


      wait until you try zumba

  8. Nancy

    Well done, Mr. Full Member!!! XDD

  9. Bienvenue Monsieur MEMBRE Complet !!! xDDD

    1. GHARIB


      Woo merci . So glad to join FA! 

  10. hii :) come to play on s1 and beg2 too :))

  11. Nancy

    Happy birthday, Long!

    1. Long


      Thanks Nancy 🥳

    2. Larysa


      Happy Birthday!🎂:)

  12. Hello :)

    1. Nancy


      תצטרף לחיים הפורום שלנו!!

    2. Nancy


      shit i forgot all Hebrew


    3. massion


      Yeah I will you guys have very active forum didn't  see that for a long time

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  13. Someone rang in my door. I opened, and it was two kids: one dressed like an lion another was clow. 

    "Give us some money you old git!" - they said. I gave them 5 kuna...

  14. Psychological barrier of T-M:20-10 is passed! XD

    1. Nancy


      thats only CHeep has :)) he is Master Jedi Council myass chicken Leader, with big L Recrutier :)_ *(and noob staff memember )

    2. CheepHeep
    3. AnG3L
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  15. Happy.BDay, you :)))

    1. Shape.
    2. m00jii


      Sheep where are you playing nowadays

    3. Shape.


      playing microsoft solitaire lately cuz its more competitive than playing ET

  16. :) You little recrutier! :))

  17. Mufasa you are insane! Xd 😛

  18. Guys, I travel in time back and I ended in discord with RedAngel and Elliot. :) 

    1. Letdown


      Eliot Ness ?

    2. notellenPage


      Ness Eliot?

    3. Nancy


      Shop Eliot :)by best gff evar!

  19. I miss you already, Aiur :(

    1. Hulk


      who gonna give me fish cakes made for a hulk giphy.gif

    2. m00jii


      I nominate Larry for the task 😂

  20. Rendel, what does mean-  Smirre? :) Always wanna to ask you 

    1. captnconcrete


      so if we ever get to met in rl .. we downin one of these vodka s.

    2. RendeL


      Yes definitely!

      And Ellen is also right, originally girls in my class came up with that nick and it is idd from a cartoon series. I just prefer the vodka story as my lastname is almost that :D

    3. Ellen


      Popular nickname, because I had it too. Only I gave it to myself and dropped it when I was like 6. 😎☺️

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  21. Happy Marriage Sis!!! :)

    We are marring nearly simultaneously ! !!

    1. Sisje


      Awesome! Congratz to you too!

  22. I lobe you!

  23. Hi! :) Are you from country with Alps? 


    1. Ins4ne


      Hey! 😊

      Noo, I'm from Poland. We have Sudetes and Carpathian Mountains 😃 I was few times in Alps but it was years ago and i don't remember it well 😆

    2. Nancy


      Coes I saw beutiful pic of yours with mountains ! :)

    3. Ins4ne


      Thanks! I'm happy that we have our own mountains because I love them :D

  24. Apply mr Dovah! or I will release Masa on you

  25. Apply you terrorist! :) and Marry Xmass!!!

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