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Status Updates posted by Nancy

  1. :) Life is worthless without love!
    1. Neuro


      Did you go on a date yet?


    2. Kurdich


      yea man its soon 2018 and im still single :(

    3. Nancy


      @Nero 2 times :)

  2. Guys I've suddenly realized we (low/middle level admins) are the next leaders and co-leaders! :) We will, not now ofc, but soon! maybe in next few years,,, Look Cheep, Lazy, Pig, Renegate, Elcabron, Vindctot, Neuro, Tulsa, Buckwild, Peaceman, 12FYY, and a lot a lot of my friends :)))

    so cool! so the circle will continued,,,

  3. Guys, does anyone can explain me Puni is a boy or a girl? :)


    (ani beemet le mevin et ze!)

    1. CheepHeep


      Hes a girl.

    2. Vindstot


      Well, since he has a nice beard and chest hair in his profile picture, obviously a girl

    3. Sparrow


      he is a noob

  4. My only dream to see my BFFs in our clan again:

    =F|A=CheepHeep and =F|A=Shp - once FA - always FA!



    1. Nancy


      Prephrasing old saying: "to all good friend we never see again" - "To all good friend we always meet in rainy Radar map!" ❤️😭

    2. CheepHeep
    3. P3swan


      U r still ghey btw @Patrick

  5. Now, what are the options we got left?


    Let just explore our parameters!

  6. Would like to meet a girl: attractive young slim attractive guy seeks.... any old slapper!

    Guys I am engage! :) She said yes!

    1. Smileyyy

      + Smileyyy

      Omg congrats pat!!! What about Neuro now? :(

    2. Nancy


      She is too old for me anyway..... :)

    3. Nancy


      Oh, f*** the monologue - I am going for a nasty!

  7. !mawr Coma ¶π¥®∆ in main 

  8. !wunder bra

  9. *plop

  10. @CheepHeep meet me in Siam Red District in 9:pm today,we go to Lady boys show!!


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Nancy


      And this is a hidden plan to get more chicks! 

    3. Vindstot


      Oh I see 🤔

      Well, if they feel like they want to do that, I wont stand in their way :)

    4. v583
  11. :) You little recrutier! :))

  12. Bienvenue Monsieur MEMBRE Complet !!! xDDD

    1. GHARIB


      Woo merci . So glad to join FA! 

  13. 10 finnish dollars for your pic in our pics section!

    1. Nancy
    2. m00jii
    3. m00jii


      We use Euros, why do you want to give me 10 euros :D


    1. Nancy


      ok i just happy about game day and new forum!

  15. Anyone (I repeat: anyone!) who will flap the tables in main will be demoted by me to winky-pinky "table flapper"!

    1. Vindstot


      ┬─┬ ︵ /(.□. \)

    2. Nancy


      Vindstot , you are flippy-pinky table flipper!

    3. Vindstot


      The table flipped me, so what you said is reversed back to you :D

  16. Apply mr Dovah! or I will release Masa on you

  17. Apply you terrorist! :) and Marry Xmass!!!

  18. Apply! Cento! 

    I will make you my personal squeese! 


    PS its like secretary , but sexy and with very short skirt :P

  19. Carb I am stalking your profile ! :)

    1. Carbonautics


      oh no. Policia !!!!

  20. Cheep is from moon and he doesn't know what it Memorial day!

    1. Neuro


      I think the moon's been around long enough it knows more than any of us.

  21. Cheep, Happy anniversary: y ar 6 years in the clan btw! :) And one day

  22. Cheepi, soon we will share same shitty ping over 200 :(


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