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Status Updates posted by Nancy

  1. Come to s1 more often! :)

    1. Kat0n


      it's planned bro!

  2. Shape you fay, I lobe you.

    1. Shape.


      Я тоже тебя люблю чувак

  3. Mooji, stop moji me :) I can see everything!

    1. m00jii



    2. Nancy


      :pressing Report button: 😛

  4. Y r yellow!

    1. Sisje


      Orange! 😛

    2. Hulk


      Very Halloween!👻

    3. Sisje


      Twinsies for Halloween then Hulk? 💚

  5. I am the only person in ET history who make flying panzer explode by throwing knife onto it. 


    New level achived!!

    1. tipsy


      Done that . 

    2. m00jii


      Well, tipsy likes to fly at the rocket and playing catch with it.. 😛 .. he's kinda hard to miss LUL

  6. I like new design!

    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Također, što više ću aktivan biti, jer mi se sviđa👌

    félicitations monsieur Gharib! :)
    1. GHARIB


      Merci Nancy my friend

  8. I am stalkin' your profile! 

  9. Dear clan members from Poland (especially Warsawa and Lodz), the FA ambassador is on action again! :) I am cumming to Poland to meet you from 26-29 August! :) Contact me if you want to meet your best friend Nancy! :)

    1. Bells


      Ah it's so nice to see people coming to visit Lodz! I spent there my student's years🤩

  10. drat has to watched stupid movies with my partner, while S1 is without my supervision. stupid rules!

  11. Hi, my name is Patrick - its mean toaster in Celtic.

    1. Eazy


      Hi toaster!  


      scared toast GIF by America's Funniest Home Videos

  12. Jack, use /autoscreenshot comand ingame :) to make screenshot with your XP!

    1. captnconcrete


      well also u need to have a folder in ur mod for screenshots to save too .. when u dl et it doesnt always have demo folders and screenshot folders.

  13. @Cross Marian I know you secret

    1. Nancy


      now, put 1000 Reichsmarks under the crate on Oasis map. or else!

    2. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian


      Don't use it against me!!  XD

  14. Guys, please, don't post comments in Admin Abuse topics unless you are the Staff+.

    Post only in an Admin Abuse topic if 

    -you're the one filling the complaint

    -you're the one against whom a complaint was filled

    -you're Staff+.


    1. Sasirou




    2. Nancy


      sorry need more time for approval from Leaders...

  15. "Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave, When First We Practice to Deceive!". Sir Walter Scott.

  16. If you are from EU and want to play with Roach and Rainer, you have to wake up at 7AM! :))

  17. I dont understand why people left: it so much work have to be done and our clan is so great! Everyday is a gameday and Coma, UB, Pig, Lazy,  Marian wont kills themselves - they need my help. My Flammenwerfer is getting cold, and it cant be cold! 


    Attack Pelosi! 

    1. Sisje


      People leave but they always want to come back XD

  18. pozz :) jel vruce kod vas?

    1. Night Train

      Night Train

      Eeee druže pozdrav , vjeruj da se izgori na 33 stepena , super je ovo samo da se granice otvore , kod vas stanje? :D

    2. Nancy


      Hehe  vruce i korona :)))

  19. Buud!! You must be more active on forum!!!

  20. I have a strange feeling...

    1. L3ftY.


      It's called 'Lockdown Cabin Fever'

    2. Nancy


      No :) Its time to return to my old aliase agian :)))

  21. Stalking y profile in 8AM

    1. Larysa


      that's the best way to spend your morning 8-)

  22.  Guys did you noticed, if you go coleader y must add "face" suffix: like Leatherface or Scarface. So our next coleaders will be: Cheepface, Hippoface, Piggiface, Gengiface, Kermiface... XDD



    1. Mufasa



    2. Nancy


      Muffface :PP

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