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  1. Renie, you changed color you fluff

    1. Renegade Pig

      Renegade Pig

      I like purple.. It fits me :)


  2. From old days: =F|A=MEDIC From new days: =F|A=CheepHeep, =F|A=BLAAT, FA NightTrain, FA EyeOfHorus
  3. Katon, you have 4K posts! :)

    1. Kat0n


      Yay! Next step 5000 in 2025

    2. DeKing


      In 2023 my friend, if you continue with 444.444444444 post a years 😂

      Félicitations !! ;) 

  4. viige oma taotleja perse Quizz piirkonda :) Vean kihla, et panen oma raha teie peale - mida teete selle 100%!!!!

    1. Nancy


      sa gei, mine tee Quizz. Ma armastan sind

  5. Awards is back!

  6. Nancy


    Welcome my friend I miss our old team VC (RedAngel, Masa) from 2017 :)))
  7. Before of my happy marriage and setteled in one country I've travel a lot. And in my trips Ive met a French girl (professor of philosophy actually). It was in Slovenia, in Ljubljana. Ljubljana - means Beloved One it is a true romantic Alp country - we was sleeping in the same hostel and I met her at the shared kitchen. First what she said was: "mobile phones only disrupt communication between people", and I immideatly put away my phone.. We went to hike together, to Smarna Gora (some local mountain) and went to restourant of the people with Dawn syndrome (actually it was very romantic!)
  8. Super, we need new pips in Administration!
  9. I follow you you spooki stalker

    1. Dovaah


      You're the spooky stalker

    2. Nancy


      !rename Dovah Spookistalker

  10. dont follow me you follower

  11. Do you want to be recruited again? Come to sit on my lap in my office (its open 12:00 - 22:00 everyday).

    1. Dovaah


      I'm on Silent1 every day :)

    2. Nancy


      its time to join us again bud

  12. It was the awesome game day!! sorry I hosted be the only first 4 hours of it...
  13. GAME DAY STARTED!! NQ server!!

  14. Hi :) nice shoots on jay1

    1. CabaL


      Thank you! GGs last night! Hope to see you on jay1 little more often :)

  15. According to ASUS, its non ECC buffered dual channel memory architecture (we see in 2 diff. colors DIMMs slots). For be on a safe side - you need to comply with ASUS QVL(Qualified Vendors Lists) on asus.com
  16. I've noticed many players experienced outburst of anger while plating ET (or another e-games). I wonder how is going in our clan?

  17. How to control your anger. Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. However, it can be a problem if you find it difficult to keep it under control. "You can control your anger, and you have a responsibility to do so," says clinical psychologist Isabel Clarke, a specialist in anger management. Recognise your anger signs Your heart beats faster and you breathe more quickly, preparing you for action. You might also notice other signs, such as tension in your shoulders or clenching your fists. "If you notice these signs, get out of the
  18. Come to s1 more often! :)

    1. Kat0n


      it's planned bro!

  19. Shape you fay, I lobe you.

    1. Shape.


      Я тоже тебя люблю чувак

  20. Mooji, stop moji me :) I can see everything!

    1. m00jii



    2. Nancy


      :pressing Report button: 😛

  21. Y r yellow!

    1. Sisje


      Orange! 😛

    2. Hulk


      Very Halloween!👻

    3. Sisje


      Twinsies for Halloween then Hulk? 💚

  22. I am the only person in ET history who make flying panzer explode by throwing knife onto it. 


    New level achived!!

    1. tipsy


      Done that . 

    2. m00jii


      Well, tipsy likes to fly at the rocket and playing catch with it.. 😛 .. he's kinda hard to miss LUL

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