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    1. Ellen


      maybe time to move from the same old custom scenaria on CIV4 to this. :d

    2. Nancy


      To civ1!!!!

  1. It was in time of siege of Sarajevo?
  2. HHAHAH!! KOWALSKI!!! I remember you !
  3. John, dont forget to add your screenshot of your XP! :) How much you got?

    1. JohnFlick


      Gonna be honest. I have not been playing recently. Been very occupied with work and my gf. I'm still at about 15k.

    2. Nancy


      No problem. Add then you will be ready then.....

    3. JohnFlick
  4. Nancy


    Happy Rantala, Von!
  5. I am also played with you many times, very glad you came and applied! :))) Chess is very good ET player - professional and help teams
  6. @Smileyyy happy Bday btw !!

  7. Very good map, its the same version we played with Cheep, Carb, you and me? Very nice map!
  8. Awesome new map from @Smileyyy, Oasis new edition 2020!!

  9. Nancy

    Happy Birthday B]

    Happy B DAY !! @BrokenHope sretan! nemoj biti tako frustrinan kad igras stariiiiiii :))
  10. Happy Ramazan to all Islam people, guys!!
  11. Common Humpty!!

  12. sexy avatar evar :P) 

    1. CaRaNo


      thx :D yh its certainly 🔥

  13. Sretan! 

    Happy Bday!!

    1. Nancy


      (dont drink and drive, lul)

  14. How is isolation going? We are bored to death here ..

  15. Hello Leroy! Welcome on FA forum!
  16. Hello, Destiny! I am wonder of your destiny...
  17. Then I lived in Thailand, I visited Laos few times... Silent1 players said: what the fuk is this flag? Pepsi?
  18. mulle meeldivad suured rind!!

    1. Shape.


      rinnad* ;)

  19. Congratulations with a new promotion, Mr. Gharib! :))

    1. GHARIB


      Thank you so much ! 😊


    2. dasp


      Well deserved, in my opinion, congratulations!

  20. Happy BDay to yyyyyy!!

    1. RendeL



    2. CheepHeep


      who is yyyyyyyyyy?

  21. Lefty, share your toilet paper! 

  22. Guys, does anyone remember why we cancelled that rule in the past? What was our reasons? If I am not mistaken we had that rule in the past.
  23. WB, I miss your songs! (We also need another Brony in the clan. PS Razi, its me Patrick :))))))

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