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  1. I am secretly enjoying watching Emmerdale Farm

    1. Daddy


      You're a cult person!

  2. Nancy

    Do you like math? 


    1. ElEl




      Hmmmmmmmm 🤔


      I'm not sure.

    2. Nancy


      Guitars? Games? Games with guitars?

  3. Je te suis!

  4. try to decrypt this now: 34181021027492217


    first clue: its decimal number.

  5. NUUUUURSSE!!!!!

  6. Rambroz! 

    Today! You join! 6 years! Ago!

    1. rambozo37


      yes! 6 great years :)

  7. Earthquake magnitude 6.3 here... I even run outside.

    @Night Train you?

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    2. Cross Marian

      Cross Marian

      Stay safe you guys!

    3. Night Train

      Night Train

      Hey man I saw the news, stay outside, i heard the notifi that will came few more near Bosnian-Croatian border. 

      We had 30min ago 2,3, epicenter but it was 100km from my place. 

      God bless you all there!!! 

    4. Night Train
  8. Welcome back my friend!

  9. Its awesome gameday today!! NQ1 server, join!

  10. alo brate mahen zi, vollen zi cevapcivi ! :)))



  11. Just realized you are from SLO :))))


    Kako si?? :) LJ ili Maribor?

  12. Come to play again! :(

  13. india lima oscar victor echo yankee oscar uniform dash yankee oscar uniform golf alfa yankee

    1. Shape.


      love you too man, no homo tho

  14. Nancy

    lol !MX, more pips are starting to call you IMX :))

    can i call you IMX? :PP

    1. Nancy
    2. !MX


      Hahahahhaha ofc you can! In fact, my real nickname is IMX not !MX. 

  15. Renie, you changed color you fluff

    1. Renegade Pig

      Renegade Pig

      I like purple.. It fits me :)


  16. Katon, you have 4K posts! :)

    1. Kat0n


      Yay! Next step 5000 in 2025

    2. DeKing


      In 2023 my friend, if you continue with 444.444444444 post a years 😂

      Félicitations !! ;) 

  17. viige oma taotleja perse Quizz piirkonda :) Vean kihla, et panen oma raha teie peale - mida teete selle 100%!!!!

    1. Nancy


      sa gei, mine tee Quizz. Ma armastan sind

  18. Awards is back!

  19. I follow you you spooki stalker

    1. Dovaah


      You're the spooky stalker

    2. Nancy


      !rename Dovah Spookistalker

  20. dont follow me you follower

  21. Do you want to be recruited again? Come to sit on my lap in my office (its open 12:00 - 22:00 everyday).

    1. Dovaah


      I'm on Silent1 every day :)

    2. Nancy


      its time to join us again bud

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