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  1. Just out of curiosity what made all of you continue to play this game after all these years. I think it would be very interesting to hear everyone opinion on what made them continue to play. I personally started back in around 2007 and I have always taken breaks well playing this game but always find myself coming back too it. I find new great games all the time but there is those select few games you always come back to and this is one of them. What makes me continue to play this game is the communities within it. I love the clans and all these people that play on the same servers and you get to know one another like building friendships which I dont find in other games. I also love the meta of the game and everything about the gameplay that is just so much fun and I can honestly play for hours and hours. Let me know all of your reasons why you all still play this game, I think it would be cool to hear from everyone
  2. Hey everyone, Just wondering how many of you play fortnite battle royale on ps4. Add saltyslong if you ever want to play, me and my buddies play but im looking to game with people whenever. I just started recently streaming and am streaming 6-8 hours a day right now, trying to put lots of hours in. If anyone wants to feel free and come watch and show some support that be awesome plus every 100 followers im doing a giveaway. Thanks everyone:) psn : saltyslong twitch : 0pair
  3. late reply but I think it should be disabled
  4. ahah thats true, FA always has many active players
  5. I joined it for a bit but I think the inactive members should be kicked in the clan imo then we can recruit globally potentially and bring ppl to the forum
  6. I like when the Jay 1 is packed, feels more like a war ahah
  7. Hey everyone, I have been a member on here for a while but took a long break and quit et for many years. I am starting to play again on the recruiting server. I hope to see some you guys on there and its good to see this game still has an active user base!
  8. Id rather have adrenaline tbh but I dont play jay 2 cause I live in eastern time zone so usually a lot of bots when I get on
  9. You think that would revive the server?
  10. I bought it when it first came out and played it a lot and made some awesome bases. I kinda got bored later in the game as it got really difficult. How is the BR mode tho?
  11. I just updated mine this morning and it said agree to the icloud conditions and would keep appearing. I clicked not now like a thousand times and it finally stopped. This update sucks
  12. I never wanna see ET die ahha but I think its the strong community of players that will keep this game alive. I also love that I can go on and play obj and try hard and have a blast or just take it easy and still enjoy myself
  13. Oxifresh

    ET + Windows 10?

    I have it on windows ten too and I just run as administrator and it always works for me. Maybe you need to reinstall it potentially
  14. Ill try to be on there for a bit. Is this like an all day event?
  15. Joe Rogans podcast are good. Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz podcast are pretty funny. You should check him out
  16. I might buy it. I bought Battlefield 1 when it came out and that was a ton of fun but I only play those games hardcore for a month then seem to never play them again
  17. Fortnite is free now?
  18. Hey everyone I was playing on 800 x 600 resolution. I just switched it up by two too like 1024 to something. I cant remember but what resolution do you guys play on. I play cs go on a 4:3 resolution and it works better for me but for et im tryna figure out what a good resolution is.
  19. I play coc a bit and I would like to join the clan but do I need to be a member of FA in the et server? I am a bit confused on how it works.
  20. I might join, I have my own clan going right now but it is inactive and dead so might look for a new one. What are the requirements to join?

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