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    TUBES and TUBE AUDIO GEAR. Buying, Repairing, and Selling Vintage Pro Audio, (Ampex Tape Machines, Telefunken and Neumann Mics, UTC TRIAD STANCOR Transformers, Langevin pres and EQ's, ect. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING I MIGHT LIKE--- EMAIL ME PLEASE!
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  1. Hi! I know someone here can help. I want to donate for a Gold package but PayPal is no longer an option for me. How can I send you AWESOME people some $$$? jeddy@bak.rr.com
  2. You are a killin' machine! Welcome!
  3. Howdy all! Just a note to let everyone know that I am once again EMPLOYED!!! Bad for my gaming time but GREAT for my ability to donate!!! Thanks for your patience. I know I haven't been spending alot of time here or playing but money is the root of all evil. I promise to make a greater presence here and on the servers AND at the =F|A= ATM very soon! THANKS AGAIN!!!
  4. Having been welcomed into this AWESOME community, I hereby re-introduce myself... The target formerly know as Jake the Flake is no longer. He shall live only in the screenshots of those who have killed him many, many times. But have no fear! The afformentioned target is "movin' on up!" As a Trial Member of this band of heathens, I felt the need to start with the plain white name I came in with. If Hanna Montana can do it, then by God, I can do it too! But I choose to do it with ALOT more class and without 75% of my ass cheeks on display! Introducing the new and somewhat improved: =F|A=FlAkeyJake <===And the crowd goes wild!!! Please note how I was able to incorporate the Tag into my new nick. Maybe it was just ment to be. A quick Thank You to all of the EXCELLENT Admins, Leaders and Co-leaders that have made this a great experience. I take pride in that =F|A= infront of my New and Improved nick. An extra special Thank You to AntiChrist and @Nibel, (please forgive the spelling here, but you know who I'm talkin to), for everything!!! And finally... RIP, Jake the Flake.
  5. I was quite humbled today when Ann!bal informed me that I was now a L4 admin!!! Surprised? Yes. Happy? Yes, Yes! Hoping to find more info about the responsibilities and privileges associated with the levels of admin status? YES! Please let me know where I can find it! Thanks to GSL for the tutorial in 7 topics!!
  6. This Link will show you what I am hoping to upgrade from... http://fearless-assassins.com/topic/51459-hardware-upgrade-requires-your-opinion/ I am hoping to find something better than what I have... Maybe something you have upgraded from. Here's what I'm offering: I have a glass jug with ALOT of change in it, ticket stubs from Judas Priest, Skid Row, and most recently, Van Halen in Las Vegas, and a half of a pack of Camel non filters I'm willing to part with. Oh... and a slightly out dated computer I will throw in. Seriously, I have some $$$ and I really want a better PC so I can Kill You Better! Thank You So Much!!! This forum and you folks that make it are the Mutt's Nuts!!!!
  7. Well tyavm!!! With all of the trip wires to building a new box I think I'm gonna see if I can find a proven rig. Something newer than the 2001 unit I currently have. This 12 yr old unit was kick ass in the day, but, like I have mentioned... I never thought I would ever play an online game... maybe dominoes. Never an FPS. Boy was I wrong!!! I'm gonna post in the wanted / for sale / trade section and see if someome has one kinda newer ish. If anyone has something from say 2007 or newer? maybe? I have a glass jug with ALOT of change in it, ticket stubs from Judas Priest, Skid Row, and most recently, Van Halen in Las Vegas, and a half of a pack of Camel non filters I'm willing to part with. Oh... and a slightly out dated computer I will throw in. I do appreciate the responses! The input is priceless!!! and so is this AWESOME COMMUNITY!!!
  8. Let me start by saying that I read the forums religiously. I don't post much as I am learning the way things work around here. I have very little to offer and ALOT to learn. So, until I gain the requsite knowledge will let those in the know reply and learn from their wisdom. The Good Lord gave me TWO ears ond only ONE mouth for a reason! As a n00b, (to everything gaming), I have been investigating the remote possibility that my hardware might not be SOTA. In my defense, I have been able to play solitare AND minesweeper simultaneously, so it can't be completely obsolete. <== that's a wink... OK... Here is my hardware list- Intel 850 mobo w\ P3 1.4 ghz processor 1gb DDR 400mhz ram Sparkle nVidia 5200 AGP 8x w\ 128mb on board and... Gateway EV700 17" CRT monitor being driven by... WINXP SP2, 32 bit OS I'm pretty sure that 20-25fps, (on the exterior parts of the Oasis map), is not "all it could be" because on the interior parts of the map I can get 60+ fps. This frame rate is mysteriously cut in half when playing the Fuel Dump map. As stated above, I am a n00b to gaming. Although I have been computing since WIN 3.11, (you can get a good good laff by checking out the system requirements here: http://www.computerhope.com/win3x.htm ), I have never concerned myself with gaming systems and the hardware associated with their performance, until now. I remember paying $300 for a 420 MEGABYTE Western Digital hard disk drive, and thinking, "I will never be able to fill it." My current drive is 40gig WD that cost me $26, shipping included, on eBay. After checking out SOTA hardware, (specifically as it relates to gaming), the only thing I can say is, "Holy Carp!." Sooo many options by a jillion manufacturers is pretty intimidating. Not to Mention the price tag! So, I post here, knowing that I will get the straight dope. Let's assume that my current system is obsolute afterall anf that the only piece I can keep is the power cord. Where do I start? Thank You all in advance for your time and valuable knowledge. This has got to be the best community on the planet!
  9. I have never encountered such a positive and helpful group of people, online or IRL. You folks take the cake!!! And eat it with one hand while holding a MP 40 in the other... and still you kill me!!! My skills are rapidly improving. Since posting my intro, I have gone from 1:5 to a 1:3. While the occasional 1:8 still happens, I have had a few 1:2 games. I'm pretty sure its because the game is getting more fun as I meet some of you and hang out here. A better k\d is cool... This community is 10X cooler than a 100:1 k\d. Thank you all so much!
  10. Welcome! I'm new to the forums too. The folks here are awesome... and they ALL want to kill you! Enjoy!!!
  11. WHAT A GROUP!!! Thank You ALL very much for the encouraging replies and the likes! Two things have happened since returning to these forums late last night... The first - I had to call for a medic... Just a little Valium after reading the antichrist's post and subsequent Invitation. The folks in Hollywood often say that just being nominated for an Academy Award is considered honor. I am absolutely certian that no one in Hollywood has ever recieved an Invitation to join =F|A=. Thank You, antichrist. You made my month. I tried to find the right words for a reply. An hour later I still had nothing and went to =F|A= Recruiting and played 30% above my skill level. Was it the Valium? ...The donation? ...Maybe a combination? I just don't know, but it was really cool! I am seriously considering your Invitation. In all fairness, I need to do my homework before submitting an application. Unless I find evidence that all of you are ex-CIA, or worse yet, aspiring strippers, I will apply. Once again... THANK YOU!
  12. That was close!!! I barely got the last digit of my PIN in, pressed enter and... "I need a MEDIC!"
  13. The following evaluation is based on one opinion formed over the past year and should be given a crediblity factor of negative ZERO. About the Author - Jake The Flake played W:ET, his first FPS of any kind, at age 45. He always thought online gaming was a complete waste of time, effort, money, and bandwidth. Having 12 months of gaming experience on which to base this opinion, he offers it here. To say that I am a "less skilled" player is to say that Bill Gates has a few extra bucks. To say that I suck is spot on. I have been killed many thousands of times by many other players; but nothing compares to getting killed by a player with =F|A= in front of his nic. That is special. I remember the "Just Give Up" after 30 deaths without a kill. Total embarassment. I should have. But that is not me. I kept respawning only to be killed 2-3 seconds later. Again and again and again. Being killed over and over, (and over), makes a man say, "They must be CHEATING! I can't suck this bad!!" No cheating, and yes, I suck this bad. After a month or two I was happy to get ONE kill per game. Ten months later and I'm STILL happy to get one kill per game!!!! A week or so ago, =F|A= hester Payne killed me 14 times on the Hardcore server... In a SIX MINUTE game. I was only able to kill him once, but that is the one I remember. For all of you still reading this, say it with me... STFU n00b!!!! I would... but its about to get good. I have had a TOTALLY AWESOME time playing this game!!! I had no idea how FUN this "gaming" thing could be!!!! Now I understand why it is so popular!!! I know that the FUN for me is WORK for others. To ALL of you =F|A= Members who make this happen I say a heart felt "THANK YOU!" Now... To all of the patient and always helpful admins that enforce the rules in an almost "professional" manner and keep it fun, A DOUBLE EXTRA HUGE THANK YOU!!! Evaluation Complete. Jake The Flake looks around for the "donate" link and... Jake The Flake was killed by =F|A= (your name here)'s MP40. Not to worry...I'll respawn and find the ATM. ;->

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