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  1. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award MAY 2013

    Server: Silent#1 Kill: 62 Deaths: 2 KD: 31
  2. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award MAY 2013

    /ignore, view next post
  3. Server: Silent#1 K/D: 83/4 Ratio: 20.75
  4. What is your favorite ET Weapon?

    Your class selector is wrong. In Silent, you can have both weapons and if you don't specify which SMG gun in your class selector, then you will end up with a thompson. If you pick via the L menu, you can pick the mp40.
  5. Dirty Bomb Gameplay video

    I won't pay for the alpha/beta for sure. I already gave enough for their freaking Brink game that I paid at full price when it launched. They had the same concept only mentioning ET in there. Saying that it would be very similar and that it would be all about objective. That game failed miserably. I regretted buying it 10 days after playing it. The maps were horrible and objectives completely un-achievable if the defending team was trying just a little bit. This game doesn't appeal much more to me except that it shows more objective gameplay. Their echo system to build nice map is good, but what about custom maps... For me, this game has too many weapons that aren't standard across all classes (something I hate from TF2 where a medic doesn't stand a chance in front of many players) and the god damn stupid ironsight. WHY oh WHY would you put that everywhere. Every game has that and I think it's a fail. Kills are too slow with that thing. Is it just me or I didn't see the HP left anywhere? Why would you copy a COD engine? Just give me HP and let a medic revive me like in ET. Good old ET still have the best game play in my opinion. It just needs prettier graphics. That game can be customized like crazy and it's easy for admins to have different servers.
  6. How to make a mod for "enemy territory?

    Look at LUA. Everything you need to extend a current mod is there and you can almost do everything silent, etpub, etpro, noquarter and nitmod support lua. No clue for etnam. If you want to do something good for everyone, make an LUA module. Creating another mod is close to useless.
  7. Server: Silent#1 Kills: 56 Deaths: 2 KDR: 28
  8. From my understanding, this is supposed to be a PUB stopwatch server and not an etpro server. We already tried to have an etpro server and it failed. No one was playing on it and it wasn't attracting to players. I know you are trying to get it better Sunlight but let's first clarify that one before trying to make a Silent server an etpro server. The way you describe all the problems, that server will look like a match server which from my understanding isn't the goal. If you prefer to view it another way, it will look like a "box" server. There are plenty of those laying around empty (on etpro though) so let's try to not repeat the same mistakes. Our previous etpro server wasn't empty at the beginning. FA members joined and we got a bit more players joining regularly until the players less experimented stopped coming on the server. Let's face it, there aren't enough pro wannabe players to join the server at all time. If you keep the less experimented players away with the settings, you will create an Silent etpro wannabe #2 server. Take hardcore as an example. Take out the less experimented players for 2 weeks. All the more experimented players will go somewhere else. They will find another server with more noob players that they can kill. It took over a year to have a base population on hardcore and it started with less experimented players. So if we reject them right away with a more strict configuration like that, my fear is that we will never have a base to start with. If we don't have a base, the more skilled players that wants those settings only will never connect. There is 11 pages of people saying that they are happy about the server. One could say that I'm wrong and that the server will be popular based on those 11 pages. However, I haven't seen the server with population on it for more than 6 hours. http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Just look at the most played servers on ET. They aren't filled with skilled players like ET BOX East used to be. They are filled with less skilled players that are there to have fun with normal/fun settings. Very few of more comp like servers are near the top since they don't have a base. IMO, we should copy exactly the same settings than Hardcore except for the game type that should be stopwatch. We know it works for everyone since both experienced and non experienced players enjoy playing on that server. Then use the redirect of both Hardcore and Silent when the server is full to point to Stopwatch. On Silent at this moment, a lot of the time we will end up having the server filled by players that wants to play on Hardcore. Both servers get filled and by throwing the players on the Stopwatch server, they might start enjoying the stopwatch gametype. See that it's the same settings as Hardcore and then at some point, they might realize that this server isn't always full and they can connect when they want. Once we have that base of players going (maybe in 6 months or a year), then we can revisit the settings. This is just a suggestion and what I think from my point of view.
  9. nAbish, please look at the other posts before posting yours. For NQ2, you need over 317 of ratio from Pickle_Pete's post. This makes Scream's job harder to compare. Do the comparison yourself before posting. 317 > 62.8 > 40.71 From the rule above: Please do not post your submission if someone already posted a screenshot with a higher KDR thank you.
  10. Just one thing to consider, you said you have no XP storage. I just want to make sure that you are saving the statistics for the KD or PWR. Because if we want to have good shuffles, that's the only way to do it. Else the other way would be to let the XP build up (not allowing level upgrades) and when a shuffle occur, you reset the XP of everyone. That's how the "Box" server were doing it back in time. However, with the KD and PWR, you have a much better ratio to work from. So I would let the XP disabled and only use those 2 other ratios (not sure if it's feasible). If you can't have those 2 ratios without the XP, then you can just clear the XP at the end of every map (after the stopwatch is done).
  11. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award DEC 2012

    Silent #1 K/D: 79/4 KDR: 19.75
  12. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award NOV 2012

    Silent #1 K/D: 50/1 KDR: 50
  13. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award NOV 2012

    Silent #1 K/D: 67/5 KDR: 13.4
  14. FA HC & Silent Servers

    My suggestion: http://fearless-assassins.com/store/product/9-fa-silent-recruiting-xps-private-slot/ or http://fearless-assassins.com/store/product/12-fa-hardcore-xps-server-private-slot/ First, you will be able to play on those servers at any time. Second, that will contribute to the monthly payment to keep those servers alive so you can all continue to enjoy them. At 25$ for an entire year, it's a very good deal
  15. Monthly W:ET Killer of the month Award OCT 2012

    Server: Silent#1 K/D: 110/6 KDR: 18.33