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  1. may be, but i find it kind of stupid if it is actually a daily limit... *edit* also screw paypal with their own currency conversion rates screwing me out of my money, put exactly 50 dollar on my paypal account but as my main currency is euro they converted it and charged a different amount forcing me to top up my paypal account with 10 euro's as that is the minimum.
  2. 0F143403F94624632 30E819578D6350438 2x $25 = $50 was a 25 a day limit on paypal i guess. here is my contribution
  3. The problem is that it only required it for this transaction, i have used paypal before for different transactions (donations to streamers / buying stuff for games like archeage) but it requests me to add a credit card for donating to FA. I will try again later today and see if the amount of money is the issue and if so I will split it up to smaller donations. Gotta make an exam for my study first though brb in a couple of hours with an update.
  4. i already put money on my paypal account but when i want to transfer it to FA it requests me to add a credit card before i can make the second transaction
  5. is it required to have a credit card linked to your paypal to donate to FA? that is the only option paypal is giving me right now and i dont have a credit card
  6. played it for a while but quit as it was a big grind and the controls were awkward. I was flying for germany but the controls for aircraft are extremely weird and it was laggy aswell.
  7. And you? implies you are wanting information from the other person, thus my response. anyway this is an useless topic imo. /lock maybe?
  8. well that is a nice response after asking our opinion. wont reply with any logic to this topic due to the agressive response on your part. have a good day and good luck with your endeavours.
  9. I wouldnt be, sure it feels good to play well but if I am aware and am doing it on purpose it would make me kind of sad. this defeats the entire purpose of ranking up and getting better as you are just going for easy kills, if you sell the account afterwards you get silvers into the higher ranks and then they get thrown in with good people who get a total idiot in their team which usually compromise by using hacks to boost their skill. overall conclusion, its stupid becouse it is easy and it is sad becouse you are crushing people trying to improve. if you want to stomp players go play casual matches over buying new accounts to smurf and sell it later as it is stupid to do.
  10. you need to add a secreenshot of your score, otherwise we cant prove you actually did it
  11. A lot of controversy about this incident, even an investigator was taken out of the investigation becouse he gave a lecture to forensic science students about the research that was being done. I could have attended this lecture if I had still studied forensic sciences and definitly would have, but alas my study plan had me stop that course due to difficulty and motivation. Still a shame, according to some of my former classmates it was a very interesting lectue, although it included some graphic images.
  12. is there a player limit per game? and some info on how to play it?
  13. if they move it only once its not that big of a deal in my opinion, with gta 5 rockstar delayed it so many times that it actually got annoying. But we'll see what this game will be like, I hope it is more in the blood money direction as absolution felt like an entirely different gametype.
  14. I dont have the need for using it at all, before i download and install something I make sure it is trusted software and is something actually required. So far the only virus I have ever had was not even on my pc and becouse of downloading something suspicious which I hadn't realised at the time. But as Annibal said, it is good that the option is available for people who aren't as great with computers or use it for more casual purposes. We have a nas in our house to which we upload backups so we can access those if something does go wrong.
  15. nah, and if you get banned you will know in a seperate screen, and it will also tell you why. Got muted a while back for 2 days due to my colorfull language directed towards an opponent that annoyed me at the time.
  16. Legendary Eagle on cs:go, highest rank I ever achieved :D

    1. pipel


      nice enjoy ur VACation!

  17. Just purchased 5 books for my new school year. Hello 5 books i probably will never be able to sell, goodbye 205 euro.

    1. Bowly


      Are you going to use em? my school made me buy a 75 euro book that they said was needed. We never used it ...

    2. Owned


      most highly likely, i doubt they are going through the effort with this study to make new paper packets with info each year as it is law related and that changes way too often to get a standardized info packets.

  18. i hope the guys who posted screenshots of nq1 realise i had posted a screenshot later on of a 30.5 kd/r and that the ones you are currently posting are invalid due to it being a lower kd/r...
  19. Certain people dont know when to shut up sometimes I see, sigh. Oh well, was too late with my reply to the topic anyway.

    1. Artanis


      Sometimes trying to understand someones behavior is like trying to smell the color nine.

  20. played for a bit yesterday evening, was wonder why the option to have third person / play as a bot is available?

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