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  1. seems yesterday was my 6 year forum anniversary, how the time flies :)

    1. LazyHippo


      I remember you from NQ1 long time ago when I played on that server.

    2. Vindstot


      Happy anniversary ^_^

      I wish you will have more :)


  2. Woo! first 20% of the 2019 donation goal is in! :D

    1. daredevil


      Thanks to you guys! Wait  - I didn't realize - you are from NL! Next time will ask you for the help when i need with NL data-center if you are ok with it :)

    2. Owned


      sure, send it when you need it!

  3. would be nice if I could get a rankup in csgo instead of just playing against higher ranks :P

    1. ancientmule


      I'm stock in Distinguish Master Guardian... Played against Legendary Eagles and supreme, won a few, lost a tons against nova when play with friends... such is life! :P hope you can rank up again! :)


    2. Owned


      ah i probably will, im currently on legendary eagle master and had 5 or 6 draws when i was in a team full of LEMS vs globals and supremes, and when i played against LE's and LEM's yesterday we won 16-2 so its just a matter of luck with teammates and enemies ranks :P

  4. Getting my sniping on in sniper elite 4! :D missed playing this series

    1. Sonofdoc


      Man, I only played the first one. sounds like fun!

    2. sid316


      add me for co-op sniper elite 4 campaign. Already finished the campaign solo.

  5. Back to legendary eagle master on cs:go, the steady climb continues :D

  6. always fun to find out someone is trying to hack your account after returning from dinner... at least i found out early enough to avoid damage.

    1. bo0m


      Who would hack your account mr. Nublet

    2. Owned


      my rockstar social club account, appareantly some russian idiot wanted it so badly that he changed my email and social club name. I found out like 2 minutes after it was changed so i could instantly lock em out of my account.

    3. bo0m


      Rockstar account? Wow what a surprise!

  7. Just found out i have been a member of FA for over three years now :D

    1. (FORCE)


      Congratz for a very good milestone! :)

    2. Chuckun
    3. AFCA
  8. pls gib me cookies, am of the hungry :(

  9. Just passed my driving exam :D

  10. rest in pepperoni sleep schedule i just had fixed from the vacation, time to work till deep in the night to get this paper ready for school :/

  11. Legendary Eagle on cs:go, highest rank I ever achieved :D

    1. pipel


      nice enjoy ur VACation!

  12. Just purchased 5 books for my new school year. Hello 5 books i probably will never be able to sell, goodbye 205 euro.

    1. Bowly


      Are you going to use em? my school made me buy a 75 euro book that they said was needed. We never used it ...

    2. Owned


      most highly likely, i doubt they are going through the effort with this study to make new paper packets with info each year as it is law related and that changes way too often to get a standardized info packets.

  13. Certain people dont know when to shut up sometimes I see, sigh. Oh well, was too late with my reply to the topic anyway.

    1. Artanis


      Sometimes trying to understand someones behavior is like trying to smell the color nine.

  14. got muted for 4 days on war thunder for foul language, thats a first. oh well :P

  15. Master guardian elite on cs:go, going up dem ranks like it is nothing :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Owned


      a slight edit 25 to 30 wins i meant, not matches.

    3. PiaNist


      I also prefer not playing with my rl friends for the same reason XD...here's to more wins & higher ranks, cheers!

    4. Bowly


      gratz man :D but trust me when i say that getting to DMG from MGE is very difficult :)

  16. playing some war thunder again lately :)

  17. not accepted for the job i applied for, sucks :/

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. daredevil


      Good, work hard and get better one. That's what I did. I got rejected in my first interview and was so pissed that I studied 3x times and got in better position. :)

    3. Owned


      would have loved to go to the interview, however i wasnt even selected for that. with that many applications they have to pick the top people, and then you get 6 more tests to see if you fit in or not.

    4. daredevil


      Then you need to work double hard now mate. :) There is no easy route. Good luck bud for next one!


  18. master guardian 1 on cs:go, moving on up :D

    1. TrustIssue


      I'm silver 4 teach me how to be good again :P

    2. Owned


      pls noe :P

      its only when i play with irl friends im good anyway lol, so not much to teach...

  19. 3 hours and 20 min till the gta 5 download is done :D

  20. well f*** me sideways, thanks for crashing 60+% the way in for the fourth time gta 5 install. really dont mind the year long wait anyways.

    1. ancientmule


      yeah its show that issue in the page of steam about the problem with the installation..


    2. Owned


      i dont even have the steam version, i have the physical edition becouse i couldnt be arsed to have to download it overnight and stuff so wanted the discs for installation.

      guess if this keeps happening the entire evening I will have to add it to my steam library and download it.

    3. ancientmule


      glad i never liked the GTA, i only loved the first one :D


  21. pre ordered gta 5 for pc for 40 euro's, it is 75 euro in the same webshop now :D

    1. FireWienie


      It has 7 CDs in it, right? Pretty sick

  22. Just got called out for wallhack on cs:go. better ban me now while you still can folks! :D

    1. Night Hunter
    2. PiaNist


      Teach me your ways mastah.

    3. BnBChumMaster


      Can u smell the .....

  23. damn skyrim, why are you so fun? :(

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