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  1. Slaughterd


    if youre interested in recruting rite now players are going into pictures and coming out other places on the map and litteraly flying is this a joke derver or a war server and if thats all good what the f*** is cheating and fair play youre always advertizing
  2. i hope i dont get kick for speaking my mind but i have to say it seams like all of F F is just a bunch of snot nosed bullies instead of working on the problem you just mute me well i tell you what i dont like how you all treat a hand full of us players you seam to do what ever pleases you thats wrong i know the person who started et didnt imagen it turning into this , you can laugh or what ever im proud to be a enemy territory plaer as well as a fearless assassin but who youre letting rep us out there not doing as good job i could write for ever telling you all the isues there are but does not seem to be getting threw so just know im a fa player for 20 or so years and i dont think i diserve this treatment but i will live and hell youre making my game crazy good when things are strightend out nobody will know how to handel me so i guess thank you .. thanks for youre time this is Slaughterd reaturning to game , good day
  3. They seem to think i will just walk away but they forget i have been playing et for 20 or more years back when it was equal oppartunity killing , the good days . and thats all im looking for now is for these players in chargge to stop taking there shity life out on me ask the pope we fought last nite and it was good and clean fun thats how it should be . im not going to kiss ass or shut up getting under youre uponits skin is part of the game , i dont know why there all butt hurt at me but just stop making youre selfs look weak by treating players the way they are . you have to play differant and better players to make youre game better and we all can improve . so what do you say truce i whould talk to them on the server but they muted me for a weak and i dont know why . so how abnout a little help here killing and dieing is what et is about just let the best be last standing . just come watch next time im on i know youknow when that is thank you again . i am part of FA and have been a while
  4. Slaughterd

    fed up

    so you even atemt to fix youre issuses f*** it et is the only game i play and im so pissed the f*** off about how its ran i could spit i guess the problem goes all the to the top or the top just aint got the balls to do shit about it so i say take off you mothers dress and fix this f***ing game because im starting a sight that is going to put all you fake hacking punk in the lite so enjoy while you can im hoping at the top they will listen and at least check it out recruting is nothing but hacks what the f*** is punk buster for any wase or is it cheating only when admin with orange status can do what ever they want to people and there all bitches excpecaaly danger and the pope both weak worthless players . so once again just fix the game please for every one just may be they will want to donate because as it is who whould even think of aonating being done thisd way
  5. so no deals you dont want to make et better for EVERYBODY sence i posted maybe not for all but they realy turned it up a notch im starting to think all you fa are only hacks no game that suck set my settings rite and i will teach you i want to use flame and have it not burn me like all other players are doing 1 shot kills like all hell i cant even jump over a canal i cant walkon water and shoot ,cant shit out a gernade every time someone kills me , cant spawn except where they let me weapon i can have if they let me and a bunch more bs dont have time for this
  6. alrity thin you speek of it again thank you for youre time.
  7. to make fair teams get rid of all the special settings for whoever you know the ones that make people bullet proof and other get hit by everythig in the game , remember this is war and war is hell dont get to kill everyone every game ,let the skills come out and the bodys fall where they fall and give know one power to change that no matter whatand it is war so fair not going to happen but i think that will get us as assassins goingthe way of pure war thanks for listen .signed Slaughterd AKA Krados
  8. Happy Birthday Slaughterd!

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