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  1. Rule on Heavy weapons...? [Silent]

    How would you know? I had never even seen you until you came into the server to mute me. I imagine my ass was upset that he couldn't use the panzer, because usually he's got it from the time he gets on to the time he leaves, and doesn't say a word when those instances.
  2. Recently I was put spec for "not sharing panzer," and apparently there is this 3 map heavy weapon rule. First off I wanted to know if this is actually a rule here, because I've never seen this rule enforced until now. Furthermore, I've seen admin like parrot and my ass keep the panzer for numerous maps and nobody saying anything. If this rule does in fact exist it would be nice if it was enforced for ALL players perhaps? [edit] To be honest I HAVE asked people to share the panzerfaust before, however my words fell upon deaf ears it seems.
  3. Good Admins

    Hester's a Potato! Shout out to my Potato!
  4. Choppy while looking through Binoculars

    I recently went to check the servers and it appears the silent one is smooth at the moment (see attachment) compared to the HardCore server (See attachment). I wanna play in the HC server rather than the silent right now, but I can't get over the choppy binocs. 2014-06-02-210614-sp_delivery_te.rar 2014-06-02-210533-et_mor2_night_final.rar
  5. Choppy while looking through Binoculars

    Here's a better look at it. 2014-06-02-164956-mml_helmsdeep_b4.rar
  6. When I look through my binoculars, it sometimes looks all laggy, and not fluid, same goes when looking through sniper sights. It's happened to me where it would only be in one server this was happening, while the other server it looked fine. I'm trying to figure out if this is happening to anyone else or is it something that can be fixed, because it drives me nuts trying to call arty through a laggy pair of binocs. I haven't even checked the video lol, it might look normal and I don't even know... I'll check that out now. I checked it, and yes it's shitty but normally doesn't do this. I probably should have zoomed in because it's a bit harder to see when it's not zoomed. 2014-06-02-163955-snatch3.rar
  7. Question: Is there any way to turn off artillery shakes when they strike nearby, I've tried turning damage kick, and projectile nudge off, but nothing seems to get rid of that annoying shake (more so as my computer loses like 50% of it's fps rate when arty's striking close by.) Also, I'm not using RTCW shakes either. Answer: /sex command is a relic. It used to change character sex in quake 3, (I haven't played quake 4 so I don't know if it applies here too) but it also changes the voice of character in quake 2 to female (not sure about the player sprites though.)
  8. Connection Problems

    Recently I tried to access the SW2 server (etpro) and can't seem to connect. I've patched the game to 2.60b so that's not the problem. What will happen is when I try to connect it'll say "Awaiting Gamestate" and then as soon as the loading screen appears the game will crash to Windows (I am using windows 7, I have the game running in admin mode and all the stuff some people have suggested like running in SP3 have FAILED). As well, I used to be able to connect to the SW1 server and now for some reason the same thing is happening when i try to connect to that server. I have no problem connecting to the Silent 1 and HC servers, the NOQ servers, and even the Jaymod servers. On a side note, sometimes when im playing in the HC server, my connection will randomly go "phone jack" and when I /reconnect it'll just say "Awaiting connection". However, if I try to connect to the Silent 1 server when this problem occurs, I can still join. I'll try to go back to HC after I've joined the Silent Server and it'll still say "awaiting connection". To fix the problem I have to open up my PB client and run the TEST. Only then will I be able to access the HC server again. It's a lot of weird issues, and even when I try a fresh install I still cannot get into the pro server. The windows error I get is something like "windows had to close a program because it was not responding" or something along those lines. Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Baserace? Hardcore

    On behalf of the HC regulars... No, just... no. We don't want BaseRace, or chicken bucket, or even Saber Peak for that matter. I would however like to see Marrakesh Streets (original) back on HC, I'm not sure why Operation Marrakesh was removed, but the original map I find better anyway.
  10. need help for thompson

    oh i see... because you can see the back sights too, and normally you can't.
  11. What song are you listening to right now?

    Tegan & Sara Quinn - Goodbye Goodbye
  12. ETConfig Formatter

  13. Here is the Video Doug TK knifing then gibbing me later, LInk: https://hotfile.com/dl/254315132/a3c517f/2013-11-09-225321-sp_delivery_te.dm_84.html I really wish i didn't have to waste my time doing this. Thanks Doug, appreciate it. While I'm at it, might as well kill 2 birds with one stone, here's another link of all the NO INGLES, that happens when no admin are around (no ****s given): https://hotfile.com/dl/254315847/7869ac2/2013-11-07-233303-snatch3.dm_84.html ...and now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  14. Have to Run ET.exe Twice

    yea i was probably thinking of just reinstalling, thanks for the input comrades.
  15. Have to Run ET.exe Twice

    Recently I have been having this problem where I have to run et.exe twice... Once opens up ET.exe in the task manager, but fails to open up the "loading console" to boot to the game. This process takes up like 16 megs but never changes. I'll then boot up another ET and the console will load up, and I'll have to close the first ET.exe I opened to get everything going. The first time i run ET.exe a rundll task opens up, yet even if i close the et.exe and leave the rundll open, and try to start another et.exe, it still won't boot up. I absolutely have to run two ET.exe to get the console to load up the game. I am not sure what the missing link is.