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  1. I don't understand people.
  2. I like doms idea if you're going to have a non standard map make it quick. it will be fun.
  3. Also i can add the server to game tracker so that we can have a banner like the other servers. Addendum; just tried it, and it said the server is banned from gametracker... how did that happen?
  4. lel Whats the name going to be?
  5. The standard for strat time every round is 5 secs. I think there is currently strat time on the first round or something.
  6. I've had a couple of players come in and not know it was a promod server, so the name change would probably help. the other na promod servers are allmost too populated. I kind of like the idea of kill cams as well could see if people are using glitches and use it to learn from other players.
  7. cobvious

    best smg class

    skorp silenced is op
  8. cobvious


    I didn't realize there was an effort being made to camp the server. I could help a little with that.
  9. I've always wanted to drive a rally mod sti.
  10. Well if your cpu came with a stock heat sink just put that back on, then you can use you pc until its fixed. and if oc return to stock clock
  11. easily could have happened. just start looking around for another mpdata file, they arent too hard to switch out.
  12. cobvious


    If you are using steam, it could have changed your cdkey... it did it to me. So i keep my cd key in a .txt file in my cod folder.
  13. The only reason that it would have multiple is if you created multiple, for instance you may have copied an old backup that is out of date. Also make sure there is only one mpdata file, if there is mutiple besure you rename the ones you dont want to use to mpdata.old.
  14. cobvious


    Are you in version 1.6?

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