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  1. HAPPy bday, i hope we can get atleast another 10 years of gaming in this great community
  2. I still remembe when i used to frag around in [fag] server, can't belive its 10 years already. Time flies and so do our lives, i don't play alot ET anymore but i'll try pop up on the servers as much i can and keep the gaming humour on. Im glad you dare still use alot of your free time and manage forums and servers, mad respect!
  3. After almost 10 years of being around this forum, here i am.
  4. razer


    Used to play alot back in days, as a kid, what i did home everyday was playing runescape all day long.. the only game i have played as long as ET. then on/off quitting and starting (6months to year breaks) untill the combat evolution thing. (only thing i did was just pvp)
  5. razer

    ET scrims/pugs

    im in too, just tell the time, and i'll be on if i can.
  6. good and fun song if ou could understand finnish
  7. just updating my status first time for 8 years. thanks.

  8. razer

    jay 1/ 2

    I still remembe when jay2 used to be full or nearly full every day like jay1, its just that ET isnt so popular anymore. Changing settings wont change that.
  9. Mlb temple's secret room is broken also, if you do wrong code once or twice, you or anyone else can't get into room anymore.
  10. razer


    /cg_novoicechats 0
  11. Yo, creating this topic for some discussion what team gona win? (finland!!!) most awesome goal, etc.
  12. Rifle and mortar.
  13. razer

    About Runescape

    Ah nostalgia. Havent beem playing for years now. Got maxed pure with 50 attack and had total level like 2100 and was playing soo much back in days but when they ruined the wilderness i quit (didn't like pvp thing at all). Also made good deal when i quited, sold my phats to my friend for 400 euros (had red, green and yellow)
  14. I heard about ET first time at 3rd class in school(10 yrs old) when my friend told me that it was good game tho we both didnt even speak english at all.. only few simple words and sentences like my name is etc i only remembe that my name was ingame "pelimies1234" which means "game man" and i was truly noob. Also this were my first fps game ever i played with pc
  15. V2 Factory, large map, also its very fun. http://et.trackbase.net/map/39/ V1 Rocket, large map too, very good map. http://et.trackbase.net/map/179/ Both maps are one of my favorites but i don't know about the lag stuff when 25v25. maybe someone knows?
  16. Molotov coctails are too overpowered, no matter what server. Even adrenaline can't save you.
  17. ^ sten is better for long range than k43. If try shoot far away with k43 it hardly hits even if enemy is not moving, but sten is most accurate weapon in game at long range if using scope does not count.
  18. Using the keyboard and mouse which i got with my pc when i bought it. (some acer's normal mouse) 5 years old and still kicking ass! Had deathadder but it broke down after like year of use.
  19. Allright, i will run winmtr when im back home from army. Tomorrow.
  20. Im having more lagg than usually in jay1. almost everytime i play, i can't really play because of lagging. (Year back i remembe i never had lag like this)

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