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  1. *Ursula*

    Formula 1 2017

    Here is sure a fan. . Melbourne is the first race. And the new cars are better and faster. I'm curious what Bottas and Verstappen go to do . Whats your favorite driver?
  2. PSV, Borussia Dortmund and ofcourse Atletico Madrid!!
  3. *Ursula*


  4. Congratz with your master. Finished in Wageningen? Btw, welkom terug
  5. Atletico!!! They win with 1-0 and 20% ball possession
  6. *Ursula*

    Psv dutch champion

    Good game . PSV have a hard season played but the only price is now in Eindhoven. Enjoy guys
  7. *Ursula*


  8. Welcome back Satori
  9. Welcome Pet!ke . Very nice that you have found the FA way

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