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  1. Yeah, it's Killstreak. You just miss them every time by a few seconds It is strange times that most are on, I think before your lunch time is when I see most. Look at Gametracker, it shows when the peak # of players is on. Speaking of game tracker, am I reading it right that it is already in the top 10?? Holy cow!
  2. A bunch of us were in yesterday evening from 7pm-10pm Central time. I have begun camping the server, would recommend we advertise it a little more. I haven't tried that, but will later today. Yes, I forgot about the menu when you press "N"twice, pappa can explain it better than I but you can prestige by access this menu. You can also create a class without leaving the game through this menu. Other options I differ to pappa or someone else who knows it better. Thanks for reminding/pointing it out! No one has levels as it will require some quick train up do to the commands being different. That is another thing that needs to be worked, who is doing the training, who wants/needs the training, and when will the training be conducted.
  3. There will have to be some training on how to admin, as the commands are different. So not today.
  4. Well we are already getting people in and all I have heard are good things! All have liked what has been done and have added it to their favorites already. Awesome work!!!
  5. Diggity

    COD4 Patch 1.8

    Even on our new server what you got is fine. I think 1.8 is only for those who are modifying a server, so unless you have your own server you are modding...
  6. Please allow me to jump forward of all the work that still has to be done and throw some ideas out to brainstorm: Initial thoughts were to make it TDM through peak periods, with it being a MODDed server (correct me where I am wrong) you can set it to allow only certain perks if wanted. My thought is the killstreaks and the ability to not be blocked by other players already sets it apart from the other servers. Muumipappa had an idea that I think is worth exploring, during non-peak periods admin can change the game type to allow for fewer players to choose what they want to play. (This would mean all admins working that server would need training on how to use B3) This ability could satisfy some of your old Abner/Hardcore players who are usually on during non-peak times anyway. I would think start off with TDM, all perks (minus marty) for a month and then scale back perks another month to see how many complaints/recommendations people make. You could always put it as a vote on the forums as well, maybe advertise on the server there is a vote section on forums on what people want. Endless possibilities with a MODDed server, just need to make recommendations to Leaders, consider player feedback, and Leaders to decide which recommendations to keep/discard. BTW, big KUDOS to pappa he is one awesome dude!
  7. Wow, another guy one more year older than me, AWESOME! Hope you have a great birthday Snake!!! SSSSSSSSSssssssssss! That is the sound you will make after blowing out all those candles, HA! Diggs
  8. Happy be-lated, hope this does not reflect on my participation on the forums Diggs
  9. Thanks guys appreciate it and I will look into all the advice. I thought I had turned the update off, but might have over looked it. I knew I would get some great help by posting, so a big thank you to everyone!!! Diggs
  10. If only I had your money, HA! Thanks, I am back!
  11. Well, figured it out... apparently my Consumer IR device was not updating the drivers. All I had to do was uninstall the Security Update (found under recently installed updates), and then restart the computer and it automatically updated everything. I would like to smack those that build these damn things without an owners manual that tells you stuff like this, like a Chilton book for computers would be nice. I so hate when it goes down and really hate to go pay someone to fix it. So a nice DIY computer fix it book would be nice. Oh and you have to restart the thing twice, once to configure and once to install....
  12. So I start my computer up and after my registry scan completes I see a blue circle over my internet connection. I run the trouble shooter and it says my local connection cannot be identified, unplug my router for ten seconds ad run trouble shooter again. Ok, it works but I notice as I scroll my mouse across the screen it has a "hiccup" every now and then. Hmm. So I go to open either a file or the internet and the computer freezes. After a while it finally unlocks but I cannot access anything on the internet. Run malware and anti virus scans and nothing found in both regular mode and Safe Mode. Bumped my virtual memory up and still nothing. I was finally able to open COD 4 and noticed in my lag meter a lag spike every now and then that was consistent with the mouse drag hiccup timing. Read somewhere that it might be my network driver and to uninstall all of it and reboot. haven't tried that yet. Also, noticed the freezing happens in safe mode too, please tell me it is not my hard Drive dying.... Only way I was able to get on here (besides phone) was to run in Safe Mode Networking enabled. Still freezes when I try to switch to a different file. Computer info: Dell All in one OS Windows 7 Mainly use Chrome for internet NVIDA 525m Graphics card Any ideas?
  13. What a talent, to come from the background he did and revolutionize music. RIP Prince, dance in your Purple Rain for eternity.
  14. Ah, so Speed broke it is what I take from all of this! HA! Thanks for taking the time to look into and fix it. Big thanks for banning hacker as he was beyond annoying!
  15. Mandi, in the future can you in your most soberest attempt (lighthearted US humor) take a demo when something like that happens? It would be very helpful and you could even post it on our forums in the Cheaters section. If you are not sure how to take a demo and then post it on our forums let me know and I will PM you the basics.