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  1. Shades

    ET on windows 10 pro

    Just had to type r_primitives 1 in the console. Thanks for your help. And thanks to Mooji <3
  2. Shades

    ET on windows 10 pro

    All my drivers are ok. I even check if my laptop was recognizing my intel card as the default graphic card.
  3. ET is broken... Thanks Windows 10... :'(

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    2. m00jii


      Your welcome, shades :)

    3. Shades


      Thanks Mooji <3. My gift for you will be Dovah if you accept it :-D

    4. m00jii


      aww, rly? I always wanted my own dovahkiin!

  4. Shades

    ET on windows 10 pro

    I have the same issue since this morning. When I execute my ET (in administrator mode), the game is opening really slowly. The menu is all fcked up : my mouse can move but very slowly and the sound is all jerky. I tried the vsync solution : has not worked. I tried to move my Et in C:/Games : didn't work either. I play on a laptop (Sony Vaio Serie E). I hope someone could help me. I can't live without this game
  5. Soldier nab :D

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    2. Shape.


      Dovah you traitor,i tought i was the only one...

    3. Shades


      Don't touch him Sheep, or i will mow you ! :P

    4. Shape.


      You are too late anyway:D

  6. Exams are over !!!! HOOOO .... HOOLI .... HOOOOOOOOOOOOLIDAYS !! :D

  7. Been really busy lately : sign my work contract for next year, exams and all... will try to kill some of you this week guys ! :-D ❤

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    2. bo0m


      Where is your age gone than? (50 y old right?) ahaha :P

    3. Shades


      haha :D 50cents want it to become 100cents. Can't refuse him :P.

    4. bo0m
  8. Happy new year to everyone ! Peace, hapiness and love ♥

    1. ^ImaPunK


      Same to you :)


    2. Dovaah


      Same to you !

    3. Mulan


      Bonne année à toi aussi :)

  9. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLIDAYS !!!!! :D Wait for it since 17 weeks ! Time to relax and play ! :D

  10. Too hot to even breath !

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    2. AFCA


      Yes otherwise you explode with this tempature

    3. Shape.



    4. Shades

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