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  1. File Name: efool_config-1.0.0.zip File Submitter: efool File Submitted: 07 May 2017 File Category: Player Configs efool's config for etpro and silent Click here to download this file
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    Version 1.0.0


    efool's config for etpro and silent
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    Wolf ET : Experienced Players - Enemy Territory

    The following command should present more prominently in the article: timerset <interval> where <interval> is 14 against offense, 18 against defense ((usually) on hardcore). The reader has to dig into the other link, where again it is buried under text. It deserves that same, if not more, service given to the class command.
  4. There is a rule on the SW server that votes are not allowed after 300 seconds into the match. The problem is that if the server goes vacant for more than 300 seconds, the first person to join cannot vote map changes, restarts, etc. I think you can just complete the map quickly while no one else is playing and then you have regained your voting ability. But you can become stuck if the map is PureFrag, a map with no objective as far as I can tell.