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  1. hey my nick ^^fragger^^. Please unblock me because I got the kick for 30 days for tk but surely it was not specifically accidentally! thank you. i play in serwer F|A HARDCORE SERWER
  2. sometimes I'm angry at the players and automatically writes something in Polish in them such as rage and curse it. sory confesses happens. but I am holding back. and shuflle often is not fair ... and always ask if the changes I already go to Alies.sorry for that, and I'll try to play by the rules.What else can I do? I just want to have contact with players. It is often useful you know ....
  3. ^^fragger^^


    hello. my nickname ^^ fragger^^ I play server = F | A = HARDCORE. I have a big request .. because the player = F | A = Antichrist had it out for me and mutated for one year. no one can unmute me. please help in this matter because I already take full advantage of chat and please unmute me. Fragger. greet