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  1. im out mof soap atm :P

  2. Busy :(

    1. Maximo Decimo

      Maximo Decimo

      you can be busy with this <===============3


    2. Zuthus
  3. Iron Maiden was on sunday, A7x on tuesday, f*** im so tired :(

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    2. FunkybananA


      and by that I mean was he good as a drummer?

    3. Strato!


      he played nice, i didnt really like him be4 the concert, actually when he appeared in the scenary i started yelling bullshit to him... but he played nice, i give him a 10 :D

    4. biker_suicida


      avenged sevenfold best group!!!

  4. imbecil en chile tmbn la tocaron :P la tengo grabada :D increible tema! mejor aun si te conoces todas las canciones de A7x de iskierda a derecha :D jajaj cante TODAS las canciones cn un amigo :P

  5. jajaj increible mosh en crossroads, beast and the harlot, god hates us y tmbn en unholy confessions :D estuvieron muy wenos :) toy echo mierda xDD gay, yo estaba cn una amiga y me meti con ella al mosh asik ;P

  6. jjaj estuve mas cerca :P te metiste a algun mosh? un amigo me grabo metiendome a uno y matando a too el mundo xD

  7. imbecil, yo tmbn fui, lo pase la raja: el domingo en maiden y el martes en A7x tmbn tngo videos, pd: tocaron el mismo setlist alla k aka, estuve a 2 metros, me kede cn la uñeta de syn, les tire una bandera y me meti a como 20 mosh y casi mato a un gordo en uno :)

  8. i dont have time as i did be4 :( but ill still logging in when i can :P

  9. gracias :P cuidate

  10. YES its so sad that he died :( RIP the REV

  11. happy birthday bacon!!!

  12. I dont know whats worst, rebecca black or justin barbie

  13. desaparecido :P

  14. 8==D suck it :D

  15. im sure that she kicks ur ass, and i kick ur ass more than her

  16. f*** u rebecca black! and u too weird blonde dancer in the car

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    2. kristy


      yesterday was thursday, today is friday, tomorrow is saturday, the day after is sunday.

      no shit.

    3. Mask356



    4. kristy


      ...learn some grammar and spelling.

      but i agree with you.

  17. its a failed experiment, so its worst than a girl xD

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