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  1. Hello, been a long time since i played ET. Played with nickname Turbo[PT] a few years ago but now im back as STi[PT]. From Portugal, 28 years. Usually i play in NQ1. Regards.
  2. Hi all, its good to be back. Hope everything is ok! :D

  3. Happy Birthday TurboPT!

    1. STi


      Thanks daredevil, sorry i have been away a long time ago as you may noticed, didnt have too much time for gaming, ill return to it a couple weeks.


  4. Well its really not a ninja defuse, but a good one indeed. One does not simply defeat Ninjas in Pyjamas.
  5. The computer cant handle that much "fastness"...
  6. Moment of the day for FA: "FA clan does have a good collection of cheat codes". Source: Some player in jay4...

  7. I only ask more of it because in the server players only join the team that has more players than bots and that can be a little frustrating, like today, 5 against me alone, i said to balance, but nobody listened, what do we supposed to do, threat them with kick? Regards.
  8. Hello, can someone give me a correct answer if level 4 admins have access to !putteam commands? I already talked to SlimJim and Nani and they say it does, but i dont have permission to use it, when i do !help the !putteam command does not show... Regards.
  9. STi

    Die Hardest ?

    For those who like/love the Die Hard films, get ready, John McClane is back for more. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2884178/ Regards.
  10. A question, can you tell me the command to put the logs in the upper left of the screen, instead of just appearing in the middle as normal? Regards.
  11. STi

    NQ3 Adre!

    I use it all the time in Jay4, and some players say to me: "You only kill with adre on..." So? Use it as well, if no, your problem, not mine... Regards.
  12. .. or to make it easier and if you have a lot of space, just copy your Steam folder elsewhere, if your COD is Steam that is.
  13. Oh hell no, not Daybreak, that map rules. But i agree on Marrakech...

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