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  1. Happy Birthday ballz!

  2. Happy Birthday ballz!

  3. Cool that you've learnt living with it : ) Welcome btw
  4. The blood just ran and ran out of his nose .. It was disgusting and shocking .. Wouter was a very talented cyclist and was going to be father in september, 26 yrs old .. So sad, Rip : (
  5. ballz


    Notthinghame lace is my favorite
  6. ballz

    Football Talent

    Lol a dutch club from 1st division gave him a contract because of that vid .. Ridiculous
  7. ballz


    Great idea. And School is not really enjoyable with 40-50 players imo ..
  8. ballz

    Harry Baals

    Nice one ": D"
  9. happy birthday:)

  10. Happy Birthday ballz!


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