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  1. I mean i just got this today if you want to count it: 25 ks ~Ace
  2. Alright, I thought it would be a long-shot, but wanted to try SOMETHING to dwindle the amount of campers. By the way Raevyn, sniping is not camping.
  3. Hey Guys, I really think we should consider making a "no-camping/spawn trapping" rule on the CoD servers. It kills everything and only builds frustration and causes people to leave. It is incredibly unsure, completely one-sided, and in my opinion it would make everything fun and more challenging rather than sitting with an lmg or assault rifle spamming a wall for easy kills. If you guys don't want to do it, its fine, it's just an idea. ~Ace/Arch Angel
  4. Hey Guys, At least point, everyone should already know that I have been absent for a very long time, excluding three times I have played in three months. In truth, this is the first time I have been on forums since July. I would like to resign because I play less and do not spend much time on. Plus, I will be deleting COD4 from my Mac because I do not need the distraction at this point in the year. I would like to sincerely thank everyone for being great players and people, and hopefully be able to see you guys some time on later in the future. Good luck and have fun, and thanks for everything. Sincerely, Ace
  5. 27 ks to start, im really proud of it, it was hard, popular hc server, no one beat it please ~Ace
  6. Ok guys, I am having trouble deciding between applying for an academy nomination from my Senators, Congressman, and Vice President between the Merchant Marine Academy and West Point. Which do you think I should go for and why? ~Ace
  7. M4 with acog MP5 Stun/Frag x1 C4 x2 Overkill Steady Aim Steady aim allows you too shoot both accurately from the hip if needed, and the MP5 is good for short range, while the M4 is more long range. Acogs on sniper rifles suck in my opinion. ~Ace
  8. I'm gonna be that guy... can you count it if there's a nade kill in between? If so, than you have 5, but you'll probably end up winning anyway. ~Ace

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