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  1. Hi guys! My site, my facebook, and my YT channel are online! I hope you will enjoy my music! Visit, like, and subscribe! My site: www.larosso.tk My Facebook: www.facebook.com/LarossoOfficial My Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/LarossoOfficial
  2. im glad im in holland then!
  3. I never thought it would go so far Hihi ^^
  4. Cuz I was legal, but my guns turned out to be not. They were to powerful for my license.. and for my country
  5. You, sir, are my hero! I love this story! XD
  6. Im licenced, and its a private terrain, so then its legal
  7. It was in holland hahaha! I am dutch. But yeah I didn't like it there.
  8. Hello my friends, Today I woke up in jail... Why? I will tell You guys know I own some guns, legal guns though, I use them to hunt, but I dont shoot big animals, I shoot sick animals with posion, to move them to a help center, and I shoot to hunters (i dont hit them) who hunt on healthy, big animals to scare them away. The government knows that (thats what I thought, I mean, the forest ranger knew it.) So no problem you'd say. Last night I was doing my weekly routine in the forest. I had 1 gun on my shoulder and was enjoying the middle of the night. When we walked back to the car, I saw a huge amount of cars with guys with a huge lamp. When they saw me, they shined in my face, and told me that I had to throw down my gun and that I had to walk slowly away from it. So I did, After a few seconds I realized that they aimed automatic guns to me. I figured out that the guys who arrested me, were this kind of fellows. They handcuffed me, and took my guns. they took me to the police station. I had to take my gear off. I was in military clothes, so that took a while. They took my guns, my nightvision, my shoes, my ammo, my keys, my money, my lamp, my phone, my sigarettes, even my rings. Everything went in one big bag. And I still didn't know why. Probably someone saw me, and thought I had an automatic rifle. So the police called a kind of "swat" team, took arrest me. It was like a movie "hands in the air where I can see them, all unexpected move will result in shoot, blablabla." "you have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you" they siriously throw you to the ground and do everything you can imagine by a good action-movie. I told them that I didn't have anything to hide from them, I didn't need a lawyer. So they told me they would hold me for the night. Well thats great... So they putted me in jail. Sleeping in a room with 24/7 light, and a crazy looking toilet, isn't the best hotel room you could imagine. The next morning (this morning) 2 women came in my room and asked my for coffee and a toast. I said i'd appreciate that. A few minutes later, i mean an half an hour... (i learned that when a officer says "soon, or a few minutes" they mean Sooner or later, and a few hours.) I got what i wanted. The old man with a funny moustache came in with my toast. He warned me that it was very hot. Well the outside was a kind of, the inside was cold, unmelted cheese, and it felt all wet. But he forgot my coffee. We went to another police station. I am the lucky bastard who can say that he sat in a police car with sirens. When we got there, I finally got my coffee,right after I asked it, so they brought it in a few minutes. Yeah, of course, the coffee was cold... It took an half hour again. They told me my lawyer would come in a few minutes... so i could sleep for a while, cuz the minutes were very long. If you see on the picture, the beds aren't that luxurious. My lawyer came, and told him the whole story. He told me to do that again when the officers ask me to do so too. Like i wouldn't do that,,, My lawyer left, so the officers should came soon(er or later).... (later). When they finally woke me up, I could do my story, again. It turned out to be all right! But becouse it was not the time yet to let me go, they kicked me back in that room 'til they could let me go! So I could sleep a little more! Like I didn't sleep at all at that day. They gave me back my stuff, including the nightvision... Expect the most important part. The guns. They took the guns, and they told me they will destroy them. Oh, happy me! Bye guns! But hello sweet bed in my own room! I don't care what happens with them, I learned how much I love freedom and my own home!! I have more time for my girlfriend now. I thought that I would lose her. Guys. Dont make the same stupid fault like me. Never walk in a forest with a gun when you know that there has been a murder there the night before you go. There is still police, and they don't like you. Yolo....
  9. I already had the game, but i uninstalled it, but now i will play it again soon!
  10. What shall I do... shall I install Wolfenstein ET again.... and play that AND COD4..? Who will I see then? Tell me!

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