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  1. Emailed one of my professors about throwing up in the bathroom, he sent me the full completed review for our test next Monday. MVP.

    1. CheepHeep


      So your reward is more work?

    2. toxicity


      Nah. He did it for me and gave me a 100 rather than me having to turn it in.

  2. at first I said, "Please refrain from shattering that rabbit's eardrums." then i wasn't disappointed
  3. Woke up insanely early, realized I didn't have class today, got excited for some relaxation

  4. best wishes to everybody

    1. Hanky


      Same to you nerd xD

  5. provide a photo you fool. There is no basis for judgement for those of us who haven't seen your face oh i just saw the posts above me i was looking at the first page. be back here in a couple days with a real vote
  6. you didn't even get medic to level 5, you must really hate the class lmao. Congrats on 10 million XP, famous player of Jay1.
  7. Listening to this while studying, I realize Hunter x Hunter used this song on their soundtrack. More studying/more classical.
  8. Scatterbrained from all the studying. Looking forward to the review day tomorrow so I can relax.

    1. Neuro


      Yea work that brain. I like it.

    2. toxicity


      Of course you like brain-work, just look at your name :P

    3. elcabron


      Be patient, the relax being coming :P

  9. so much nostalgia from so many trick-jumps, though nowadays I prefer just strafing and shooting.
  10. Pleasure to have you, glad you made it to forum.
  11. Good morning, good moooooornin'.
  12. Unfathomable wonders stray across the night sky, and yet so many people don't bother looking up.

    1. L3ftY.


      might be because they cant see anything because of the toxic smog

    2. toxicity


      such is the result of mass air pollution

  13. I'd comment on your addiction to catgirls but your name is literally CATGIRLS so me redundantly pointing that out won't help much. Good luck have fun
  14. Welcome to the forums, as well as back to a surely nostalgic game.
  15. I enjoy listening to classical music when I study.
  16. Whataburger takes the cake for me.
  17. Really simple. Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. I found out about the word during a biology class back in high school, but since then have been introduced to the band System of a Down by multiple people with the wrong assumption for my name's basis. Just stuck with me from then on c;
  18. Not enough people are infatuated by the vitality of plants. They need but a hole in the sidewalk to persist in growth.

  19. People oftentimes partake in casuistry without even realizing it themselves.

    1. Neuro


      cork like wiiiiiiiiiine cork

    2. Dest!Ny


      casuistry is probably the most ironic name they could have picked. Lets call it something simple, like "trying not to sound like a dumbo but secretly you really are"

    3. toxicity


      ^^^^ second that motion

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  20. (probably should of posted this here a while ago but I was too inattentive to detail as to spot the thread, ) As a studying college student, the majority of the time I really do feel reluctant to spend money on just about anything. The majority of the time. Sent $15 towards VIP and $10 towards the goal. It's not much whenever you mess with math as much as I do, but I really do appreciate the servers/forums. Transaction ID: 74143782XC1239411 (10.00 donation) Sub ID: S-9JC755636B969403F (vip) As much as I enjoy messing around, I seriously respect everybody for their efforts in the community, and want to contribute what I can. Much love.
  21. mg2 last time I played, almost a year ago. Rank decay has more than likely whittled that down to somewhere in gold nova.
  22. I'd have to say a coin toss between Interstellar and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. after coin toss: Lord of the Rings. Gotta love some fantasy.

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