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  1. Have a great birthday, Natural!
  2. who needs sleep in 2018

    1. Sisje


      Vortrex :')

    2. Xernicus


      Screw sleep. Nobody needs it. Never have, never will.

  3. True knowledge comes when you admit that you know nothing. (plagiarized from Socrates)

  4. Caught up quicker than expected, changed a plethora of parts on my car, now we're all good.

    1. Xernicus


      What happened to the valve cover? Blow a hole in it? Or was it the gasket? Fel-Pro makes good replacements.

    2. toxicity


      Gasket, just invested in a new valve cover altogether.

    3. Xernicus


      Well you can always keep the old one around if you accidentally mar the new one prying it off, or cut it in half so you can inspect the rockers without making a huge mess.

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  5. Unappreciative of unawareness in ET, though tolerant because of it's immense, superfluous nature. Get this a little too often whenever I don't go out of my way to avoid it
  6. toxicity


    Welcome. enjoy the servers/forum!
  7. welcome to forums! hope you enjoy!
  8. Not going to school today on account of throwing up, going to get some more sleep & hop on later.

    1. Raptor


      Get well mate

    2. LazyHippo


      Full recovery for you, hope nothing serious

    3. toxicity


      Thanks for the well-wishes, just a stomach virus.

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  9. who're you trying to get to fall in love? cats are additive chemistry
  10. Good to have you join forum, enjoy your stay.
  11. No, what's on YOUR mind?

  12. Your source for philosophical ramblings via status updates.

    1. Neuro


      You are such a nerd.

    2. toxicity
  13. Rough day, still doing homework, will probably be done around 7:00 CST, then play games.

  14. welcome cope, played with you before on servers, glad to see you on forum.
  15. epic games name: toxicity4k will happily play a little fortnite on the side of ET. edit: pc of course, master platform. edit #2: updated ign
  16. Insert incoherent babble here.

    1. Platonic


      Insert pretendedly understanding but confused reply here.

    2. toxicity


      Insert further inadvisable now reassured misconceptions here.

    3. kajto3
  17. Childhood mainly entailed The Hobbit and then the Lord of the Rings trilogy following hot on it's heels.
  18. Blue Moon.

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