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  1. Congrats to DJ! Can I get a loan? $XP$
  2. I'll work on my "Death" screenies in future. I have seen 10 with no kills. Being Engineer is tuffffffffff business. I know how to spell, but an f for each death is more interesting.
  3. I'm just admin level 3, usually have admin on Recruiting server to fix teams up correctly. Bots are cool, I use my own server to practice with. Setting levels of certain bots can get interesting. omnibot has come a long ways, still working with some maps to do waypoints to get bots to move out. Started Tram many years ago, have most of lower map worked out...has a bug with cp in house yet. The bots do good at flag on tram tower. Upper map after obj room is blown, problems with new spawn..they just stand there. Sigh!
  4. Not sure of correct location of post. Didn't see an area...it's mainly about map rules. So as I take a map break, I see Green as Engineer. Map has a few spots that a jumper speeds through or past features in the map. I question, because this is not using a covie to do objective, but 1 engineer alone. The map also allows for destruction using dyno at table, but by default it is far to short of a period to stop signal. Then the pit is open. Many Axis way back at 1st obj area...cp area is by-passed. Many confused and next moment Main gun is blown..Game over. Sigh, less than 5 minutes. I have a demo, and said I would submit. http://sdrv.ms/13usrX5 Should you have a problem to obtain the demo, please let me know.

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