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  1. Its casting from clay to wax to metal.....I live an insane life....0_o....
  2. Catface =^..^=

    Art and Such

  3. Catface =^..^=


    Silly Crazy Me
  4. I think it would be cool if the Bots had Zombie skins in Jay2... I know there are many types of skins you can add> I used to experiment with them back when I ran my own servers many years ago. I don't know if you if you could assign them to bots exclusively. But that might be pretty cool....
  5. One of the pieces I've been working on while not here.. Its Bronze on Hand cut travertine... this is 2/10 I've sold 3 of these....
  6. Hard to beat Tina's Foxy Ladies in it's prime Doc ... was in that clan for like 5 years
  7. Hey All I know I had been a trial member for waaay too long... But I have been playing on Jay 2 for almost 4 years I think... anyway... of the 3 or 4 people I recommended for membership none had been accepted...I know that's is a requirement.. But being here as long as I have certainly shows Loyalty... No worries demoting me back to "regular" player.. My education and my work definitely takes precedence over this great game I have been playing since it's inception. I will not apply again, my goal was just to help out when there was infrequent trouble in server. and I have done so gracefully I think in the last 2 years... I have made some real friends here ! And FA has/is one of the best clans I have ever been in.. . Seriously organized, fair, and decent. I just wanted to help out when I could, But I have no time to take out of my personal and professional life to deal with clan politics and duties. Cheers Love you all Cat
  8. Hola All Long summer but I'm back,... I'll have to post some vaca photos...
  9. Catface =^..^=

    XP Lost 0_o

    Lost XP again... and slapped me for wearing Clan tags lolol....
  10. The roof is pretty accesable w dble jump... and its there on the map.. So I really don't see it as a glitch..... I was catching a lot of flack from people yesterday saying I wasn't doing my job for not warning/kicking.... But I wanted clarification.... personally I don't care if they are on the roof or not... but if it all agreed that this is not allowed... that's How I will respond.... thanks all
  11. There seems to be some question about players getting on, and shooting from the roof on Alder nest....can someone clarify this rule for me.... Thanks...
  12. LOL @ Kevin..... Hola Scortch ! Welcome Man !!!

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