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  1. Got promotion after 2.8 yrs of grinding endlessly , i started in this company as a fresher and as a junior designer but finally been promoted with a pay raise . Happy .


    @daredevil Dude finally .

  2. cngrtz on promo, well deserved

  3. Wow Insurgency Sandstorm, So realistic and alot different and better from INS, U guys need to try it . With great guns and different maps and settings. Worth a try. and we do have servers also .

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    2. m00jii


      Tried it last week, got solid fps and I liked it! Will try to make some more time for it.

    3. Mr.Karizmatic


      @m00jii i will be playing today ping me when u r on steam, @Sonofdoc u too.

    4. Sonofdoc


      I returned it because I was getting like 5 FPS lmao

  4. 165 notification, and dam this forums looks so cool with the snowy and lights, Anyway, i was inactive again after i messaged i was back, cause of personal issues, my grandmother was really ill and she passed away last 2 weeks back and my laptop was also not responding correctly. But all things are ok now, Missed INS sandstorm , need to get back . see you all on servers. 


  5. Hello Everyone, taking much needed break from games, Hadnt opened my laptop since 2 months. Hope everything is going great, shall be back when INS sandstorm comes back :D.

    1. Neuro


      For you... ❤️

    2. daredevil


      Come back fast :P

  6. cngrtz, well deserved

    1. Vindstot


      @Mr.Karizmatic That was fast :D

      Congratulations Neuro ^_^

    2. Neuro


      <3333333 Mr. Kpoo

      Thank you.

  7. Dam new Steam update looks awesome.:allrock:

    1. Sisje


      I don't like it at all..

    2. Vindstot


      I dont like changes, but maybe give it a try...

  8. Back home. Lets start the work :D

  9. Going to Banglore for office work, will be back in 4-5 days. I might visit forums , but cant visit servers, plz someone camp pvp and other servers of INS and DOI.


    and if anyone from F|A are in banglore we can meet. 

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    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      haha "Business Trip" 😋

    3. Vindstot


      Have fun! :)

    4. Hulk


      safe trip there and back!😀

  10. Great JOB DD and others with the new forums and stuff.

  11. Thankyou everyone for trusting me and thinking i deserve being a staff and everyone who helped me along the path with suggestions and with anything i asked :)

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    2. OnionKnight


      I believe in the you who believes in me~ Who am I kidding? Congrats Mr. Karizmatic :D

    3. sid316


      Congrats man

    4. Achilleus


      Congratulations, Kari, well deserved :)

  12. Today is my fathers retirement, he worked for State Govt Office for 35 years, Man wish i can do half of the hardwork he did to raise us.

  13. woo donation goal reached, thx alot guys.

    1. RedBaird


      OMG! I still have not gotten in my Pinky-Names donations for the last TWO GameDays! :(

  14. 104F fever,Got Dengue fever, Doc said to take bedrest for 2weeks, cant be much active.

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    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      Little better guys, Fever is down, but too much weakness. Shall check servers if need help.

    3. Neuro


      We need you to rest, not stress, and heal.

    4. PhoeniXx


      Dude just rest.... We all are here :)

  15. Everyone plz check my forum signature :)

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    2. Yoda


      poor cheep :)

    3. airsoft226


      You can't make me.... YOURE NOT MY REAL DAD!!!

    4. Mr.Karizmatic


      @airsoft haha but i made u look ;)

  16. Flamethrower in DOI is epic fun.

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    2. Shoes


      Best part is the screams of your enemies as they burn.

    3. Neuro



    4. Mr.Karizmatic


      @shoes haha true that, reminded me of my old clan NQ days they use to have the sound effect...


  17. Congratz noob well deserved

  18. 12 cm Rain from past 2 hrs, half of my car was in water while i was driving. Dam nature

    1. RedBaird


      Nature could do the opposite to you: 0cm for 2 years. :(

    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      i hope not, that would be bad.

  19. Going to munnar,kerala. will be back on saturday.

    1. RedBaird


      Some pics on the Internet show some interesting farming techniques there. :D

    2. Mr.Karizmatic


      yeah alot alot of greenery, and mostly tea.

  20. My first job starts from september 11 . :)

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    2. CheepHeep


      @redy - OMG. Coincidence? I think not.


      Great news kari!

    3. Mr.Karizmatic


      @pharaoh been busy with INS and playing alot of INS, shall visit ET again sometime, :)


      @cheep thx man

    4. RedBaird


      Life is going to get even busier for you...live long and prosper!

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