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  1. No, do not delete it, I have the ultimate installer and the and legacy but now I have my xp copying the silent folder and supporting the etkey in the etlegacy folder that is in my documents
  2. Hello brothers Install the ET Legacy and after some errors, it works perfectly in server silent. My question is, is it possible to back up my xp and grades from my old game and have it in ET Legacy? regards PD: Fixed: Replace the old silent folder and recover my xp
  3. Many thanks, I did the youtube guide but in the mods folders in my documents. Thank you. Playing on silent server hardcore fa en et legacy ^^
  4. I use windows 10 Pro, it's the first time I install the legacy and I'm trying to get into the hardcore server. I did the youtube guide but only for the folder and the, I do not have the silent folder and I guess it is not the same as in the old one.
  5. Hi, Is it possible to play in the silent server, hardcore through the legacy? I get an error, any help? VM_Create on UI failed
  6. My mouse configuration is as follows In my case I play with 400 dpi and my style of game is high sensitivity, so I play with 5.50 sensitivity in the game. There are cases in which players seek to improve the precision raising the dpi and lowering sensitivity, in some cases some play with 3600 dpi and between 0.5 and 1.0 of sens, it all depends on how you feel more comfortable
  7. My settings Com_hunkmegs 256 Com_soundmegs 128 Com_zonemegs 128 This game is old, so the ram in com_hunkmegs is enough 192 or 256 although we have pc with 8 or 16 gb of ram
  8. Hello my name is P4TR1OT. Hello my name is Cristian introduce myself and am 25 years old. Set approximately 12 years, I come from Santiago, et many years in Chile but lately shone this year in my country et dead. I played in many clans and in my country was very competitive. Hardcore gaming server that is the most fun for me, I love the atmosphere of server without fights and just quietly play although I admit I miss the fights or Chilean mood in the public. If I have availability to recruit and teach to play, I have great experience in organizing leagues and tournaments etpro in my country and have contributed consistently in Chile What You Will Be Able to offer to community, if you join us: My experience as a player and actively help a community et. In my country there have been many leagues and tournaments etpro, also events, I have enough experience. The only bad thing is that not much English, I would like to learn. Cheers
  9. Hi Community F|A My nick is P4TR1OT. I'm a player that takes 7 years playing wolfenstein enemy territory, I have participated in multiple leagues in Chile and now I play sometimes in the fun server fa hardcore, hope the server will continue to grow and be more stable and make the et not die because different players from all over the world enjoy its server. Greetings to those who have seen me play Les dejo mi cuenta de crossfire I leave my account in crossfire. http://www.crossfire.nu/user/view/id/58223 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  10. Or a server-speaking due to the large number of Latinos in the servers F | A so I've noticed What nationality are the founders of the servers F | A?
  11. How do I join the clan? to use the tag F | A I wanted to know as I was using other countries for the location of their servers I would like to know what are the appropriate means to achieve that chile is 1 or 2 server F | A? because Chile has a lot of players and this location beneficiary to South America apart from Brazil I would like to bring to your community and it grows much more, I am of the people who is raising the game in my country and promoting their servers regards
  12. Hello friends server query F | A Have fun months in their servers and wanted to thank the administrators because they were very visionary when mounting servers to everyone without distinction or DISCRIMINATION, wolfenstein know that is an old game that is a rival of the current games, I very impressed by the people who still play this wolfenstein and the coolest part is that this game does not die yet, is fantastic. I wanted to know how I can be part of the clan F | A to use the tag, also wanted to know what is the story of the servers F | A, as founded, who are its founders? Thanked forever World Community Greetings ET having fun on their servers through a clean and fun game;)
  13. Hello how are carried championships server =F|A=? Greetings and pay my respects to this great community

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